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‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Posts Antique Photo From the Oregon Trail

by Amy Myers
Photo Cr: Sarah Coulter/Paramount+ © 2021 CBS Interactive . All Rights Reserved.

LaMonica Garrett is helping fans get excited about the latest episode of 1883 with an old-time photo of his character, the former Buffalo Soldier named Thomas. Garrett has quickly become a fan-favorite since the start of the series just a few weeks ago. And no doubt, fans can’t wait to find out what will happen next for Thomas if they haven’t already watched the new episode.

“An all new gripping episode of @1883official #1883tv ‘The Fangs of Freedom‘ is available now, streaming on @paramountplus #yellowstonetv,” Garrett promoted in the caption.

The photo Garrett posted was one on the 1883 set from a scene when Thomas had on his Buffalo Soldier uniform. He sat tall on his horse’s saddle, giving a stony stare to the camera. If you couldn’t already tell, Thomas is one tough son-of-a-gun you don’t want to mess with.

‘1883’ Star Invites Fans to ‘Meet Thomas,’ the ‘Soul of the Show’

Earlier this week, Garrett posted another promotion for the show from some behind-the-scenes 1883 footage. During the clip, Garrett had the opportunity to introduce his character and describe what he thinks Thomas brings to the show.

“‘Meet Thomas’ Extremely proud of what Thomas represents. Beyond grateful to bring him off the page. I hope y’all are enjoying @1883official” Garrett wrote in the caption.

Even though Thomas isn’t a part of the Dutton family, he has become a vital part of the storyline. Not only does he act as Shea Brennan’s (Sam Elliott’s) partner, but he is also the grounding force that reminds those around him of what’s important in life.

“The significance of Thomas in this story,” the 1883 star shared in the clip. “To me, he’s the humanity of the show, he’s the soul of the show. It’s a story I’m very proud to be a part [of], telling a story about Black cowboys. There’s a lot of people that haven’t been represented in other westerns so it’ll be something for everyone.”

Not to mention, Thomas represents the stories of the many brave individuals whose stories aren’t always passed on. Many black men and women were a part of the western movement, and Garrett’s 1883 character helps breathe new life into these stories.

“Thomas’ story is not unfamiliar to a lot of Black cowboys back then,” the 1883 actor explained. “He’s a former slave. He’s a kind person, an honest person, and he’s a very loyal person. When he met Shea, he joined the war, was a Buffalo Soldier. They see the world pretty similar so they bonded. Like a modern-day… or an 1800s Odd Couple.”