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‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Promises a ‘Lot More of Thomas’ in Episode 6

by Jonathan Howard
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While we haven’t seen a whole lot from this character yet, folks love 1883′s Thomas. LaMonica Garrett is teasing more of the Buffalo Soldier.

It is clear that Garrett loves his role on 1883. He has been very passionate about telling Thomas’ story. In interviews, social media posts, and more. With Episode 6 arriving this weekend, the actor took the time to tease fans a bit.

Shea and Thomas are a great pair. The two balance each other very well. As they lead this caravan west, they are going to face challenges. This next episode is supposed to feature more of the Civil War veteran and Pinkerton Agent. Check out LaMonica Garrett’s post below and see for yourself.

“Gonna see a lot more of Thomas this Sunday, episode 6 of [1883]. Thomas and Shea,” the tweet reads with two fist emojis bumping at the end.

The story of Thomas is one that is very interesting. Folks want to know about his past. His days in the war, his days before the war. The relationship he has with Shea. All of that. Right now, Thomas has taken a bit of an interesting turn. A Romani immigrant, Noemi is now a widow. She must raise two boys on her own. The Buffalo Soldier has started interacting with her more and more.

While Noemi originally came onto Shea, out of pure desperation, it seems that Thomas and she might actually be getting along. Is there a future between the two? The cowboy mentioned that folks wouldn’t like her being with a Black man, no matter where they went. No matter how free the country may be. However, Thomas doesn’t seem like one to be held back by the thoughts and opinions of others.

‘1883’ Gratiela Brancusi On Intimate Scene with Sam Elliott

For 1883 Noemi actress Gatiela Brancusi, the character has been a challenge. On her first day on camera, she was faced with her intense and emotional scene with Sam Elliott. Noemi, the widow, has no supplies. No one to take care of her. She asks Shea if he wants her to be his wife. Of course, the widower denies her and tells her to stop.

Brancusi talked with Outsider about the scene.

“I think I was trying really hard not to faint,” the actress laughed. “It was so overwhelming because it was my first day on camera.” She said that Elliott, “could not have been more generous. I forgot that it was Sam. He was just this really kind and supportive artist who made sure the environment was warm enough for me to get there.”

So, the scene was a big hit. 1883 fans love the character and love Brancusi now because of it. Also, her very first scene on camera with a legend like Elliott. What a story.