‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Reflects on the ‘Journey of a Lifetime’ in Heartfelt Post

by Amy Myers
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Now that the 1883 journey has come to a close, many of the stars of the Yellowstone prequel are taking the time to reflect on their own experiences with the series. This includes the actor behind Thomas, LaMonica Garrett, who continues to share behind-the-scene tidbits that demonstrate how close the cast has become.

Most recently, Garrett posted a video on Instagram from his last day on set. Though he didn’t have much to say, his expression demonstrated just how much he would miss working on the show, no matter how challenging the conditions.

“Last day of work,” the 1883 star announced in the clip, a hint of sorrow in his tone. “Six in the morning. We went all night.”

“Last day in wardrobe,” Garrett added, giving fans a good view of his costume. “I got pretty attached to this thing. Hope you all enjoyed the season. It was a hard, long, rough shoot. Man, it was worth it. Know what I mean?”

In the caption of his post, he continued his thoughts.

“Journey of a lifetime – @1883official Season 2 will jump close to 50 years in the future, (1932) and I’m sure it’ll be an amazing adventure as well,” Garrett wrote. “I look forward to watching it. Grateful for the time I got to spend with our amazing cast and crew. Lifelong friends were made on this wagon train journey.
Learned a lot from Thomas, and I’m better for it. One of my dreams as an actor was to do a western…
#blackcowboys Thank you Taylor Sheridan, for this EPIC experience #yellowstonetv @yellowstone #paramountplus Thomas & Shea Thomas & Noemi HEA.”

‘1883’ Star Shares More From Behind the Scenes

Yesterday, Garrett shared another rendition of the “journey of a lifetime” that was 1883. This time, though, instead of a heartfelt clip, he shared with his fans a few photos from between takes. In the first one, Garrett and his counterpart on the show, Noemi (Gratiela Brancusi), sharing a good-natured laugh. In another, he had his arms around Noemi’s two sons. The final photo showed the 1883 star on horseback with the vast plains and dusty sky behind him.

“Journey of a lifetime,” Garrett reiterated. “Thanks y’all for hitchin aboard our wagon train, and taking the journey with us.”

Fans in the comments chimed in, too, thanking the star for his hard work on the series.

“Man what a show!! You were great!! Cant wait to see what’s next for you,” one wrote.

“Loved watching you on the show. Amazing job, LG!!” another said.

A third added, “Heartbreakingly Beautiful in every way! Loved every moment.”