‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Reveals Favorite Moment of Finale

by Anna Dunn

1883 star LaMonica Garrett recently revealed his favorite moment to film in the show. Garrett plays Thomas.

In a recent interview with TV Line, Garrett discussed what’s next, what it was like shooting the show, and his favorite moments. Obviously, there are some major spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution.

Garrett’s character found what he truly desired in the finale and decided to pursue a romance with Noemi. It was a satisfying way for the character’s arc to wrap up after the end of a harrowing journey.

“My favorite moment was probably from episode 9 when Thomas had the shotgun and, just me being a Western fan and those speeches before you shoot the bad guy in the westerns, was on his horse and said, “You’re not a deputy, you’re not a judge, and you’re not a jury.” He gave his little speech and then he pulled the trigger,” Garrett recalled. As a fan of westerns, he loved that moment.

“That was classic Western filmmaking to me. I see that and I think of Clint Eastwood, I think of all those old westerns,” he said.

Taylor Sheridan, who’s behind the Yellowstone spinoff as well as Yellowstone itself, is definitely behind a new push to bring back the genre, which has definitely lost its popularity over the decades. A lot of moments in 1883 felt like an homage to the genre while still remaining true to creating something new.

Now, the season is over, and it’s wrapped up with some heartbreaking moments and some touching ones. But apparently, it’s not quite over yet. While 1883 doesn’t seem to be getting a season 2, Paramount + has ordered “additional episodes,” of the show. It’s hard to know what that means quite yet, but it’s exciting for fans nonetheless.

Tim McGraw Revealed His Thoughts on The Duttons Future after the ‘1883’ Finale

While it looks like Thomas is going to settle down with Noemi, the Duttons now have to build up their ranch while grieving the loss of Elsa. In an interview about the finale, McGraw revealed what he hoped would be next for the Duttons.

McGraw admitted to Variety that he and the rest of the cast have no idea what’s next for the family. Apparently, everyone is waiting in “limbo” alongside the fans, who are also dying to know more. But he does know that he wants to see Margaret continue to grow into her own.

He also wants to see James put together his group of people that’ll eventually build up the ranch. We don’t know yet what these “additional episodes” of 1883 would entail, but most fans would definitely want to see that too.