‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Reveals What It Was Like Working With ‘Hollywood Icon’ Sam Elliott

by Alex Falls

The Yellowstone universe from creator Taylor Sheridan is in full swing taking over the TV world. The spinoff 1883 follows the previous generation of the Duttons just after the Civil War. It only ran for one season, but the show left a great impression on viewers.

Sons of Anarchy alum LaMonica Garrett co-starred as Thomas, a Pinkerton agent and skilled frontiersman. Garrett is a longtime fan of westerns and jumped at the chance to work with such a talented team. He got to act as the right-hand man of Sam Elliot’s Shea Brennan. Garret recently spoke to PopCulture and touched on the opportunity to work with such a great talent.

“First, you’re working with Sam Elliott, he’s a Hollywood icon, you have those nerves going,” Garrett said. “And we had a chance, a unique chance for a few weeks before filming during cowboy camp to really get to know each other, to hang out day in and day out. We were away from our families, we were away from our homes. It was just us.”

Garrett went on to say he got the chance to form a “tight-knit bond” with Elliot and his co-stars as they worked together to nail down their characters. He said all the way until the last day of filming, they practically spent all of their time together.

“We would have lunch together, we would have dinner together. If I’m going into town to get to the grocery store, like, ‘Hey, you guys, hey, I’m rolling.’ Tim’s like, ‘All right, I’ll jump in the car with you.’ Or Gratiela (Brancusi) or Sam, ‘Hey, get me this and get me that,'” Garrett said. “It’s like we were all we had, so there’s no way but to create this bond, this family environment, and that’s like Taylor Sheridan, he’s the reason for that. He knows how close you’re going to become from that, and we benefited from it.”

LaMonica Garrett Looks Forward to More

1883 wrapped up its run after one critically adored season. But the epic tale of the Duttons is far from over. 1883: The Bass Reeves Story is in the pipeline. Plus 1923 takes the story into another generation. Garrett’s time in the universe might be done, but he’s just as excited as the rest of us to see what more is in store.

“Well, 1883, that’s pretty much it for us. The new season, the 1923, the cast is stellar. Big announcements, I can’t wait. I don’t know what the scripts look like, but I trust Taylor, his vision. As the actor, you’re like, “Oh, 1883 isn’t moving forward,” but it’s going to be interesting to take a look in at this time period for a season or two or however long they go, and in the 1920s, and that’s going to be something special I think,” Garret said. “And Bass Reeves, telling that story is a story that needs to be told… A lot of people don’t know who Bass Reeves is, but he was an American legend, not just a Black cowboy legend, but an American legend. And yeah, we’re all going to be familiar not too long from now.”