‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Said No One Wanted Special Treatment at Cowboy Camp

by Jonathan Howard

LaMonica Garrett has become a bonafide star on 1883 as Thomas. Everything started back in cowboy camp with the rest of the cast.

Cowboy camp was basically 1883’s version of training camp. The NFL gets ready each season with training camp. And, these actors had to get ready for this show. Garrett has fallen in love with the cowboy culture and that camp was a huge part of it.

While speaking with Good Day Sacramento, the actor broke it down.

“Sam [Elliott]’s an icon. Tim [McGraw] and Faith [Hill] as well. These are huge celebrities, big stars. We get to cowboy camp, no one wanted any special treatment, it was hard for everyone,” Garrett recalled. “At first, you think cowboy camp, it’s fun for a few days, and it was. But it turned into work. It made us all closer, we all bonded from it, and when we started filming it was a seamless transition. We learned how to ride horses, we learned what we needed to do … but it brought all close together, that was the main part.”

That time that the cast had with one another paid off. Taylor Sheridan knew what he was doing when he put this together and knew the dynamic he wanted. So, everyone got to work. Would you believe me if I told you Faith Hill can wrangle cattle now? Because she can after that cowboy camp, that’s for sure. The 1883 cast could go into ranching at this point.

Whatever Sheridan did, Garrett and others are all about it. They can’t get enough of the cowboy lifestyle. And that has really made the show stand out. You can see them doing all of these things themselves, no CGI, and they are enjoying their time on screen. Too bad the finale is almost here.

‘1883’ Stars Says He Will Have Cowboy in Him After Show Ends

During his life, LaMonica Garrett has had some cool moments. He went from an NAIA football national champion and possible NFL prospect to a career of modeling and acting. And don’t forget that SlamBall career in between all of that. Garrett is an athlete, plain and simple. So, it makes sense that he gets into all of the physical stuff that the cowboy lifestyle entails.

“Whenever 1883 finishes, I’ll still have cowboy in me,” Garrett said in the same Good Day interview. “Between cowboy camp and experiencing what we have in the last six months, it’s not just something that you hang up the scripts and you hang up the clothes and it’s ‘Alright, back to everyday life.’ I’m riding horses out here now, I was at the PBR last night at Staples Center – bull riding. It’s a culture and I’m here for it.”

Can I say that I love the fact he called it the Staples Center and not Crypto.com Arena? Yuck. Just an awful name. That aside, it really seems like 1883 has gotten under Garrett’s skin and for the good. Will he ever get up on a bull?