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‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Says You ‘Kind of Get That Lump in Your Throat’ Working Opposite Sam Elliott

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Shy McGrath/Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas)

“1883” has taken off with flying colors. The story of the cowboys from the south has reeled in fans like fish taking to a piece of shrimp on a hook. The story follows the Duttons as they travel westward from Texas. Along the way, several notable characters become main pieces of the overall story. This includes both Sam Elliott and Lamonica Garrett. The latter actor says he’s been thrilled to work with Elliott from day one.

In an interview with News Nation, Garrett opened up about working with Sam Elliott and being a part of Taylor Sheridan’s “1883.”

The star discussed being the ‘soul’ of the drama series and bringing culture to his role. As a black cowboy in the late 1880s, Garrett says he’s grateful Sheridan wanted to bring that story to “1883.” Further, Garrett is excited for the development of his character’s friendship with Sam Elliott.

“Since we trained at Cowboy Camp, he completely embraced me,” the actor says.

Garrett says that working with someone who’s so in tune with the Western genre, he nearly got a lump in his throat when filming began.

“But it’s been great, he’s been great,” Garrett said.

The actor portrays Thomas who’s friendship with Shea (Sam Elliott) is detailed from minutes into the first episode. He’s a strong character with a level-headedness that helps Shea after he nearly loses everything early on.

“1883” Star Discusses Taylor Sheridan Writing

In taking the role, Garrett discussed Sheridan’s writing and why it’s so captivating, but also important.

“The one thing I loved about these scripts and Taylor’s writing for this Black cowboy, slavery was never mentioned. You know, the N-bomb was never dropped,” Garrett continued. “It was just what you think a Black cowboy would have to go through in this era. He was just a cowboy. And that’s what these Black cowboys were back then. They were just cowboys, but they had stories. We just don’t know those stories.”

He goes on to add that:

“I love how Taylor wrote these characters,” the actor said when asked about playing a black cowboy amid tensions of a Civil War. ” Not a lot is said throughout the series about Thomas’ race, about slavery, or about where he comes from. Thomas brings it up in conversations between him and Shea that come up here and there and conversations that he has with other characters like Noemi [played by Gratiela Brancusi]. But they’re not leaning into it.”

“1883” aired in December on Paramount Plus. It has since bolstered its audience with “Yellowstone” fans all over. The drama is full of conflict, complexity, and strong characters including Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. The show is in its first season.