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‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Set to Host ‘Inside the Series’ for ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel ‘1923’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Paramount+)

LaMonica Garrett of 1883 fame is going to be saddling up to host the Inside the Series set of shows focused on the Yellowstone prequel 1923. As most of you know, 1923 has a couple of high-powered people heading up the cast in Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. We get a little more insight into what Garrett will be doing thanks to this clip. He posted it on his own Instagram account. In 1883, Garrett played Thomas.

Some fans were expressing their emotions with heart and fire emojis. One person said in the comments, “Omg can’t wait!!!” It should be quite a show featuring LaMonica Garrett for those who are going to invest themselves in this new series. It will be available for viewing on Paramount+. You know, we might get a sneak peek into the first episode after Yellowstone. There is a precedent that has been set as Tulsa King had a couple of episodes air on the Paramount Network.

LaMonica Garrett Talks About Working With Sam Elliott

If you recall in 1883, LaMonica Garrett had some scenes with Sam Elliott in there. He’s a Hollywood icon even if he doesn’t think of himself in that way. Sam’s a pretty humble guy who has been married to Katharine Ross for many years. Yet what does Garrett think about working with Elliott? “First, you’re working with Sam Elliott, he’s a Hollywood icon, you have those nerves going,” Garrett said. “And we had a chance, a unique chance for a few weeks before filming during cowboy camp to really get to know each other, to hang out day in and day out. We were away from our families, we were away from our homes. It was just us.” LaMonica Garrett would go on to say that this allowed both actors to form a tight bond between them. That bond probably helped them in their scenes together.

Back in September, the 1883 actor talked about possible spinoffs coming from Yellowstone. “Well, 1883, that’s pretty much it for us,” LaMonica Garrett told Pop Culture in an interview. “The new season, 1923, the cast is stellar. Big announcements, I can’t wait.” Those announcements would be made in due time and reveal that Ford and Mirren were leading the cast in this new show.

Another show that LaMonica Garrett talked about was Yellowstone’s 1883: The Bass Reeves Story. This program stars David Oyelowo as Reeves. He was quite a legend as a lawman in the great, big, Wild West. “I spoke with David Oyelowo not too long ago,” Garrett said. “And he’s excited to bring Bass Reeves to life and that’s going to be something special to watch I think for everyone.”