‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Shows Off Superhero Physique in New Workout Video

by Jonathan Howard

It’s no secret that 1883 star LaMonica Garrett is fit. In fact, he’s more than fit, the TV star is a former college athlete and pro athlete. His latest workout video shows off just how in shape he is after all of that cowboying around. Between roping, riding, and wrangling cattle, the work on the set of the show was more than enough. Plus, he would work out with Tim McGraw in the singer’s personal gym.

The former Central State University football star and SlamBall enforcer showed off his home workout equipment and had his “No Days Off” caption right there on the video. Those abs and muscles tell me that he probably doesn’t take any days off. 1883 wasn’t the first time LaMonica Garrett took working out seriously. His workout room looks wild, even fit with a sauna it looks like. Check out the video and see it for yourself.

So, he’s a Tonal man it seems. That sauna does look very nice. Ever since he was playing linebacker at Central State, Garrett has been an athletic force. While he’s 46-years-old now, he looks like he can hang with just about anyone in the gym or weight room. If you thought he was scary back in his SlamBall days, imagine him coming at you off of a giant trampoline now…

While he didn’t make his NFL dreams come true, the actor has become a major star after his work on 1883. As Thomas on 1883, LaMonica Garrett captured the hearts and minds of fans with his ability to bring the character to life. Now, fans are looking forward to the next project that the actor finds himself in.

‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Used to Bounce Around in SlamBall

For those that are a little confused when I mention SlamBall, let me fill you in. 1883 wasn’t LaMonica Garrett’s first time seeing fame, he was an athlete. Soon after his football career came to an end, he found himself playing the sport created by Spike TV. It was handball mixed with basketball and some football rules like shoulder tackles. Oh, and they jumped from big trampolines to score.

He was in pretty good shape when he was doing that as well.

While the league was short-lived and Garrett would move on to the next thing, it was a very cool moment in the 2000s. I remember watching it as a kid. It had just about everything you could want. Fast-paced action, lots of scoring, and trampolines!

However, as an actor, especially in a role like Thomas on 1883, LaMonica Garrett excels. He is excellent at bringing a character to life and I can’t wait to see his next big project.