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‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Talks the Unforgiving Nature of the West

by Jonathan Howard
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LaMonica Garrett‘s Thomas on 1883 is a character that has so much wrapped up in his story. His time out West hasn’t always been easy.

For Thomas, life isn’t easy. Even more so than the other characters on the show. He is a Black man in a world not even 20 years removed from the horrors of chattel slavery. Something that Thomas himself endured. While he has moved to the west in order to find better times and better people, the environment, the problems and issues, and the conflict are unforgiving. Such is the nature of the west.

Thomas is starting to find his people among the immigrant caravan. Noemi and her boys have started to become a part of his life now. With so much going wrong. So much darkness, the relationship is a light reprieve from the usual. It is something that both characters are using to help themselves survive. Emotionally, mentally, and literally.

While speaking with TV Insider, Garrett talked about a conversation his character had with Shea in a recent episode of 1883. It was about not being afraid of the unknown once you’ve been whipped and in the position that Thomas was in. He also talked about his character looking for a “brighter day.”

“Yeah [Thomas] goes to sleep to escape the nightmares of the reality of day-to-day life in this world. He knows more than anyone how harsh this world to be,” Garrett explained. “He’s seen his brothers die in civil war, grew up as a slave. But he chooses to look for a brighter day instead of letting the environment or the moments dictate his energy. He refuses to let these tough times in this harsh environment affect him in ways that it has affected others.”

‘1883’ Star Says ‘It’s All In His Eyes’ About LaMonica Garrett

In recent episodes, the relationship between Noemi and Thomas has been getting more serious. Noemi, a widow on the trail, has been struggling. She has two boys and for a while had no one to defend her or her sons. That is until Shea and Thomas stepped in. This is going to be very interesting for 1883 fans.

Noemi actress, Gratiela Brancusi, explained how she and LaMonica Garrett work so well together in the show.

“A very generous human being. And he brings that to Thomas. It’s so easy to be in a scene with him, because it’s all in his eyes,” she said to Outsider. “For myself, my salvation is always in the other artist that I’m sharing scenes with. And he couldn’t give more. He is so, so generous. And it really helped that we developed a friendship throughout this process.”

1883 continues and Noemi and Thomas seem like they are only going to get closer and closer each episode.