‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Teases a ‘Softer’ Side to Thomas

by Lauren Boisvert

LaMonica Garrett has been discussing his “1883” character recently, and this time it’s about Thomas’ softer side. In conversation with TV Insider, Garrett spoke about Thomas’s blossoming relationship with Noemi, and the different dynamics between men and women of that time.

When asked if we’re going to see that softer side of Thomas in the future, Garrett replied, “You’re gonna see more of it, and in this series, the thing that jumped out at me was the men start out gruff and edgy and a little harder and the women start out softer, coming from their traditions.”

According to Garrett, the men are tough, hard, and rough around the edges, but they grow softer and more vulnerable as the journey wears on. The women, in contrast, start out soft and gentle, but learn to get dirty and, in some cases, vengeful. They’re out in the wilderness, and they start to break the fragile rules that govern polite society.

Garrett continued, “They’re just how women back in that time are supposed to be. Margaret’s [Faith Hill] niece told her, a woman doesn’t drink coffee. It’s just taboo. And over the course of time, the women become stronger and harder and gruff, grabbing shotguns. Margaret went from sipping coffee to shooting bandits off their horses. And Elsa went from playing around in the water and backstroking in the river to grabbing a pistol and shooting point blank the person that killed her boyfriend.”

The women learn to protect themselves, and sometimes that means picking up a gun. They can’t just wait around for someone to do things for them. They’re becoming more independent, more free, shirking the rules and dynamics that are so important in the city. Now, they’re in open territory, and who knows what’s going to happen. “There’s a switch in the dynamics of the men and women on the show,” said Garrett, “but it’s interesting and it’s something that we haven’t seen in the genre.”

‘1883’: LaMonica Garrett Talks About ‘Unforgiving Nature’ of Thomas’ World

Speaking of open territory and the ‘unforgiving nature’ of the West, LaMonica Garrett recently talked about what Thomas is looking for on “1883,” and what he needs to escape. He’s looking for a “brighter day,” and told Shea that anyone who’s been in his position is unable of being afraid of the unknown.

“Yeah [Thomas] goes to sleep to escape the nightmares of the reality of day-to-day life in this world,” said Garrett. “He knows more than anyone how harsh this world to be. He’s seen his brothers die in civil war, grew up as a slave. But he chooses to look for a brighter day instead of letting the environment or the moments dictate his energy. He refuses to let these tough times in this harsh environment affect him in ways that it has affected others.”