‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Teases Tense Action-Packed Episodes to Come

by Jonathan Howard

Out of all of the characters on 1883 Thomas has an argument as the most interesting. LaMonica Garrett is very passionate about this series.

Through the first five episodes, and really six as well, the season has been building. There have been some moments of action here and there. Of course, the first time we see James Dutton, he’s firing a rifle at some bandits as Thomas and Shea watched on. However, according to Garrett, there is a lot more coming.

Of course, we had to learn about the characters before the real action got going. Elsa Dutton had her love and heartbreak already, setting her up for the hard road ahead. The Thomas actor says that the action is around the corner for 1883 in an interview with TV Insider.

“The first five episodes were setting up the world, setting up the character, setting up the environment,” Garrett said. “Most of that was preparing for the journey, but now we’re smack dab in the journey, [which is] where the action turns up. So not just the river crossing, but in general, it’s gonna be a faster paced show than we’ve seen.”

For those that have enjoyed the slow and methodical process so far, don’t worry. The story will still have room to develop and work. It isn’t going to all be gunfights and blood.

“It’s still gonna be slow and the scenes are gonna be able to breathe and you’re gonna have your moments,” the 1883 star continued. “It’s gonna be a more action-driven show, but still have these moments. They’re fusing together from this point on.”

So, fans are going to have to buckle up and expect to see some action. That might mean more deaths, which is very likely. The path west was not easy. Death is common.

‘1883’ Star Breaks Down Thomas and Noemi

Things are also going to get exciting for Garrett’s character, Thomas. There is a budding relationship between the Buffalo Soldier and the Romani immigrant. Her two sons need some guidance and support. While it has been somewhat at a distance, it is an interesting pairing.

“Yeah,” Garrett explained. “As comfortable as he is on a horse and with a gun and handling himself and knowing the terrain, he’s awkward with women. He’s not a wordsmith, he’s not a smooth talker.”

“But if he just feels like it’s [the mirror] something that she would like without knowing why, I do that sometimes with my wife and she’s like, ‘What is this for?’ ‘I don’t know. I thought you’d like it, you bought those shoes, and they kind of match.’ You want to do something nice. You just don’t have the words to describe it.”

Is this the next 1883 relationship that is doomed to survive? After the Elsa and Ennis saga, fans might be on edge whenever Noemi and Thomas are on screen.