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‘1883’: LaMonica Garrett’s Stunt Man Ora Brown Gained Someone to ‘Look Up to’ in Thomas

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

In an interview last month, Ora Brown, stunt man for “1883” star LaMonica Garrett, opens up about how the role helped him gain someone to look up to in Garrett’s character, Thomas.

The discussion begins with Craig Miller, Vice-President of Original Programming & Development for INSP. He uses his eager attitude to talk about the contribution African-American cowboys made to the Western community. With so much culture surrounded in the Western community, it’s important to recognize and acknowledge every last one of them.

“The significant contributions of African American cowboys in the shaping of America have largely gone unnoticed,” he explains. “In Freedom on the Range, we pay tribute to these unsung groundbreakers by telling the true stories of some of the most courageous trailblazers that helped tame the American West. These are not household names to most of us. But their stories are fascinating and need to be told as part of our nation’s history. This is a show that audiences don’t want to miss.”

Who are some of these cowboys, you ask? Let me introduce you to Ora Brown. Brown is an Oklahoma ranch manager and cowpuncher. Or as his Instagram name calls him, a “classy hippie cowpuncher.”

Brown has worked in movies and television as a wrangler, bit player, and Ultimate Cowboy Showdown competitor. But let’s not forget one of his biggest roles as a stunt man for series regular LaMonica Garrett on Paramount+ western drama, “1883.”

LaMonica Garrett plays Thomas in the popular prequel. According to Brown during a conversation with FOX23 News of Tulsa, the role “really hit home” for him. But it was “because it was something I could look up to. Like, man, he’s setting the stage for more westerns that are going to have a lot more African American guys in it.”

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Ora Brown, the stunt man for “1883” star LaMonica Garrett, continues by proudly appreciating the fact that other African-American cowboys and girls have others to look up to.

“Now children, even grown adults like myself, black African American men or women that grew up wanting to have an image of a cowboy in their life — we have one now. And what’s to say how many more might be put in western movies here down the road to give us all somebody to look up to,” Garrett said.

Characters in “Freedom On the Range” continue to inspire generations of cowboys of all races. The docuseries looks into the cultural significance of African-American cowboys in the old west. While speaking on the TODAY show, Ora Brown discusses his ground-breaking role.

“The freedom and independence of cowboys it’s the greatest thing ever,” Brown admits. He also admits that although an African-American cowboy, the series taught him things he didn’t know before. He can only wait to discover even more about the culture.