‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett’s Stunt Man Is a Real Oklahoma Rancher

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ (C) 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.)

When watching 1883 and seeing actor LaMonica Garrett, it looks sometimes like a stunt man might be used. Some moves are for a stuntman only. Still, knowing about who this 1883 stunt man was for the show is interesting. It turns out that the person doing those stunts is a real rancher in Oklahoma. What’s his name and what does he do out there? Let’s find out.

‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Stunt Man Spends Time As Cowboy, Too

The contemporary cowboy is Ora Brown, who is an Oklahoma ranch manager and cowpuncher. He also has worked in movies and television as a wrangler and bit player. Heck, he was a competitor on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown to boot. We get this information from Cowboys and Indians.

While LaMonica Garrett had a stunt man on 1883, that did not mean he was exempt from “cowboy camp.” This is something that is connected with shows created and produced by Taylor Sheridan. Actors who really don’t know anything about being a cowboy go to school and learn. They get lessons in riding horses and even tidbits about life on the range.

Learning Lessons At ‘Cowboy Camp’ Become Essential For Garrett

Garrett had to go through it, too. “A lot of what we’re doing now is day in and day out,” LaMonica Garrett said when talking about the show and its mixing in there what they have learned.

“So this becomes second nature so when we’re going to the script,” the 1883 star said of “cowboy camp.” Garrett said those lessons help actors focus on their lines while filming.

Stars of 1883 do admit that “cowboy camp” is certainly full of hard work. Especially when the actors are learning to use saddles that harken back to the show’s timeline. 

‘1883’ Actor Has His Eyes On Playing Green Lantern

Garrett played Thomas on 1883 and helped the Dutton family finally arrive out west. Garrett worked alongside Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliott in the series. 1883 has given his acting career a huge boost. But he’s also appeared in Sons of Anarchy and Designated Survivor.

But there is another role on his monitor. He talked about it with Looper. Garrett has played DC Comics Universe characters Monitor and Anti-Monitor in television series.

“My dream role in any setting would be to play John Stewart, Green Lantern,” Garrett said. “I’m this huge, huge John Stewart fan. Every Halloween I dress up as John Stewart, it seems like. Green Lantern would probably be the pinnacle for me. I could hang them up after that and drink a beer somewhere on the beach.” You can watch Garrett on 1883 on Paramount+ as the series ended after one season.