‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett’s Thomas Has Heard ‘Just About Enough’ in Epic Photo

by Courtney Blackann

“1883” Star Lamonica Garrett is hinting at some serious action in tonight’s episode. The usually docile cowboy is seemingly pushed to his limits – and he’s had about all he can take. With just two episodes left, things are definitely heating up! And we’re all totally here for it.

Posting a photo on Instagram, Garrett shared a still from the episode. It features both Thomas and Capt. Shea Brennan (Sam Elliott). The two are on horseback, furiously pointing their guns (though we don’t know at who).

“When you’ve heard just about enough… ~Thomas All new intense episode of @1883official drops today on @paramountplus. Only 1 episode left,” the “1883” star captioned the photo.

And that leaves us guessing what surprises will unfold tonight. When we last left our favorite “1883” characters, Elsa declared herself the wife of a warrior. The wagon train leaves Colorado, headed for Oregon. Thomas and Noemi continue their support for one another. And James and Margaret Dutton fight for their family’s survival as they head west.

There’s so much happening and so many questions viewers have heading into these final episodes. One of which is who actually makes it to Oregon? And will the wagon train reach its destination by the conclusion of the first season?

“1883” Star on Representing His Culture

Lamonica Garrett has played a major role in the Taylor Sheridan spinoff of “Yellowstone.” He’s a born leader as an African American cowboy in a time post Civil War. And Garrett has often spoken about his impact on African American culture – especially in this critical era of American history.

“He’s a Black cowboy with a badge and a gun,” Garrett says on his character Thomas. “Sign me up to see what that’s about in that time period regardless of what else is going on!”

“We were one-in-four cowboys back in the day and that wasn’t shown in television, film and Hollywood,” Garrett adds. “There’s so many stories, there’s so many legends in the Black cowboy culture that have never seen the light of day.”

He also says:

“And you don’t realize, growing up that you didn’t really see people that looked like you on these shows,” he says. “So doing the research and you realize the representation that wasn’t there all throughout these years in a genre that I love…It’s huge. Like you see this gaping hole that we weren’t a part of.”

 The newest episode of “1883” premiere’s tonight. Fans can stream the episode – and all the episodes – on Paramount+. We can’t wait to see what happens next!