‘1883’ Star Sam Elliott ‘Hit it Off Pretty Quick With LaMonica Garrett

by John Jamison
(Photo by Shy McGrath/Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas)

We like to think we’d hit it off pretty quick with Sam Elliott too. If we could stop asking him questions about Road House, Tombstone, and Taylor Sheridan, that is. Either way, it sounds like he got along swimmingly with his 1883 costar LaMonica Garrett. How swimmingly? Well, the pair slept together on set.

Behave yourselves, folks. They shared a teepee—is all we mean by that. Still, sharing a room, let alone a cowboy teepee, with another person is a pretty personal thing. You can learn a lot about someone in a very short amount of time this way.

And it’s not like the Shea Brennan actor was forced to do it. He’s Sam freakin’ Elliott at the end of the day. If he wanted his own teepee, we imagine that’d be arranged. But no, the acting legend insisted that he and his on-screen compadre share a teepee.

“I met Lamonica and we hit it off pretty quick. It’s one of the things I’m most enjoying about this character, is that this white guy and this Black guy are like brothers in the 1800s, and man, the stuff we’re doing is so much fun. So we’ve got these cowboy teepees, and one of them was bigger than the other, and in a couple of the earlier episodes, they’re sitting side by side. It’s where we’re supposed to stay and where we keep all our stuff. I figured, one of the teepees is plenty big for both of us. Why would we need two?” Elliott told Deadline.

In 1883, LaMonica and Sam’s characters are thicker than thieves. Elliott plays Shea Brennan, a cowboy and Civil War veteran who served alongside LaMonica Garrett’s Thomas. Together, the pair leads a group west, including the Dutton ancestors around which much of 1883 revolves.

The Feeling is Mutual for Sam Elliott’s ‘1883’ Costar

No, Sam Elliott didn’t force LaMonica Garrett to share a teepee. The friendship goes both ways. However, Garrett was admittedly a little starstruck at first.

“Sam’s a great dude. He embraced me from the first time that we met, and he calms the nerves of everyone that he comes in contact with. Sometimes I have to remember that we are working together because I get caught up in watching him while I’m in a scene with him,” Garrett said.

And he’s all of us if we ever had the chance to witness Sam Elliott work up close.

“Like, there is a scene coming up in episode three of ‘1883’ where he gun-butts one of the immigrants. I had the next line, and there was some action that was about to happen, and I caught myself looking at him like, ‘Wow, that’s how Virgil gun-butted Ike in ‘Tombstone.’ It was the same motion, and I was like, ‘Snap back into reality! It’s time to work right now,'” he continued.