‘1883’ Star Sam Elliott Reveals How Show ‘Stands on Its Own’ Away From ‘Yellowstone’

by Jonathan Howard

The upcoming Yellowstone spinoff, 1883, will be here soon enough. Star Sam Elliott has his own thoughts about what makes the new show unique.

The premise of 1883 is to give the genealogical background and history of the Dutton family. How did they get to Montana? Where did they come from? Who helped along the way? That last question is where Elliott’s character, Shea Brennan comes in. The wagon master and Civil War vet has had a hard past. However, he has a steely reserve.

“It haunts him throughout along with the responsibility of moving these emigrants north,” Elliott explained to Entertainment Weekly. The actor really is such a treasure. Along the way, the star has put an emphasis on shining a light on those extras and other workers.

“They pump so much life into this,” he said. “You can call this a spin-off or a prequel to Yellowstone or whatever you want, but for my money, it stands on its own.”

That is so important with this new series. 1883 is set so far back in the past, it should be able to stand on its own. The work that Taylor Sheridan has put into the production of the show should give fans an idea of the dedication that has been put into the project. This is an attempt at building a world around this franchise with lore and history.

It is that historic aspect of the show that should shine through. There have been covered wagons made to be historically accurate as well as other small, key details like that. With the budget being twice that of the original series, 1883 has a lot of expectations.

Taylor Sheridan Pitched ‘1883’ to Build A Bigger World

With the success that Taylor Sheridan found with Yellowstone, the folks at Paramount are ready to go all-in on his creativity. 1883 is an opportunity to build the world the Duttons live in and give it depth. Make it have a beginning, middle, end. As the universe is built in the upcoming origin series, fans are going to get more out of the shows.

Sheridan pitched the prequel show on the idea of building that world out. “I think they saw an opportunity to build a bigger world, at the same time people had a lot of time to sort of reassess, and they decided to really double down on Paramount+ and the kind of content I make.”

Discussions with executive Chris McCarty sealed the deal. He was sold on Sheridan’s ideas and wanted to see them come to fruition. Now, so close to the debut, 1883 is ready to make a splash. They have the cast and star power to do it.