‘1883’ Star Sam Elliott Says He’s Never Watched ‘Yellowstone’

by Jonathan Howard

When Sam Elliott agreed to come aboard the 1883 cast as Shea Brennan, he didn’t do it with any preconceived notions about the Yellowstone prequel.

The veteran actor is often typecast as a cowboy or a western rancher. He doesn’t always like that fact, either. However, when it came to 1883 it didn’t matter the genre. He knew what Taylor Sheridan had to offer and the writing helped him make the decision ultimately.

In fact, Sam Elliott came into the show without ever seeing Yellowstone. Believe it or not, the actor has not seen the smash hit show that has led to the prequel he is now a part of. Without any preconceptions about what the show should be or what Yellowstone fans might want, the actor gets to help build something that is almost entirely its own thing.

Here’s what he had to say when asked if he had ever watched the Kevin Costner series:

“No,” Elliott said. “I hear that [Yellowstone is their favorite show] from a lot of people but I must say I’ve never watched it. Well, I don’t know. I know we’re definitely, I’m not going to say tainted by it, but we’re certainly tied to it here. That said, the only thing that ties it together, in reality, is that it’s a prequel to how the Duttons got to Montana in the first place. If there were no Yellowstone, 1883 would be happy to stand on its own, I’m sure.”

After seeing the premiere of 1883 there is no doubt that the series would be able to stand up on its own accord. There are so many great dynamics on the show. Elliott’s character is at the center of perhaps the most interesting.

Sam Elliott Has ‘Never Worked On Anything’ Like ‘1883’

For those that didn’t catch the first episode of the series, it was startling. Things started out with nothing but heartbreak and tragedy to start. When we see Elliott’s character for the first time he’s not doing well. His family had just died from smallpox. He burned his home down with them in it. If it wasn’t for his friend and Pinkerton partner, Thomas, he might have taken his own life.

Not to mention, we saw all kinds of animals and wagons, and it was something that the actors all knew how to do. Working hands-on has made this something special. The 1883 star said, “I have been in this game a long time; this is my 54th year in my career, and I have never worked on anything like this in terms of the scope and size.”

Fans have just gotten a taste of the scope and size of 1883. As the season goes on they will get more