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‘1883’ Star Sam Elliott & ‘Yellowstone’s Michael Nouri Team Up for Epic Selfie

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Taylor Sheridan’s epic western series “1883” and “Yellowstone” aren’t the only things that crossover a number of times. The actors on each show regularly interact as well. And this is proven by a recent photo “Yellowstone” actor Michael Nouri shared of his “1883” buddy Sam Elliott.

In a post on Instagram, Nouri took the time to post a selfie with Capt. Shea Brennan himself. He simply writes, “Sam Elliott 1883” in the photo of the two men smiling.

And fans loved the idea of the actors sharing a sweet moment.

“Love you two together,” one fan writes. Another agrees, saying, “Awesome…2 Legends….2 Great Actor’s…Pleasure Watching These Guys.”

Nouri notably plays Bob Schwarz on “Yellowstone.” He appears in every season, albeit, his presence is minimal. But it’s lively enough for us to understand that Beth Dutton has had enough of him and will do what it takes to get her revenge on her former company (which Schwarz heads).

However, being an onscreen villain doesn’t mean that Nouri is also only looking out for himself. The actor has had plenty of sweet moments with the “Yellowstone” cast. He also recently posted a photo of himself next to Kevin Costner saying,” Happy Yellowstone New Year!”

Fans had fun with the comment, encouraging more “Yellowstone” posts.

“Happy Yellowstone New Year back at cha! Great picture! Great show! Makes a person want to move to Montana…..hope you see more of you on the show. Maybe you’ll make up with Beth and help her take down the bad guys,” one fan writes.

“1883” Star and His Legendary Career

And as far as “1883’s” Sam Elliott, well, he needs no introduction. The actor/cowboy has been in Hollywood for decades. He’s one of the most beloved Western genre actors of all time. And his portrayal of Capt. Shea Brennan on “1883” is incredibly moving.

The cowboy is leading a team of gypsies and immigrants across the vast unknown on the journey west. He has a soft spot for those he’s leading, but he also knows the people need to have a sense of fear so that chaos doesn’t break out.

The “1883” star is aided by Thomas (Lamonica Garrett) a trusted friend and fellow cowboy as the two lean on each other for support and guidance in their quest. Further, Elliott must deal with complete tragedy when he loses his entire family to smallpox and has nothing left for him in Texas. And while Shea Brennan earns the respect of the people he’s leading, Sam Elliott is also revered by his castmates.

Eric Nelson (RIP Ennis) once spoke about the “1883” actor and how genuine he is.

“Sam is probably the most down to earth, giving man you’ll ever meet,” Nelsen said. “He’s not one to hide out in his trailer. He loves to just be sitting out there with everybody. Even when he’s done filming and his scenes are wrapped, he hangs out, supports all of us, watches the rest of the scenes for the day.”