‘1883’ Star Shares a Look at How Episode 7’s Tornado Scene Was Filmed

by Quentin Blount

Alright, 1883 fans. We have another behind-the-scenes perspective from the Episode 7 tornado scene to share with you.

Up until this point, 1883 has been everything we have dreamed of and then some. Just like Paramount Network’s Yellowstone became one of cable TV’s top hits, 1883 is quickly becoming a must-watch series in its own right. A big reason why is that the show features big-time names like Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and LaMonica Garrett.

But there is another young actor that has been turning heads for his performance as well. Also starring in 1883 is a young man by the name of Audie Rick. He may only be six years old, but he has been impressive in his role as John Dutton Sr. Rick’s Instagram on Tuesday posted a series of behind-the-scenes photos from the show. He also went into more detail about the tornado scene that took place in Episode 7.

“When shooting a tornado scene it’s always nice to have someone hold your hand,” the young actor said. “Honestly though this scene was so fun to shoot! Cold, but fun! They set up massive, and I mean MASSIVE fans that could literally knock you over. They threw dirt into the fans too!”

Meanwhile, little Audie Rick is encouraging 1883 fans to stay caught up with what’s going on.

“Only 3 episodes left, get caught up if you’re not — you won’t want to miss a minute!”

Head on over to Audie Rick’s official Instagram account to see his most recent post for yourself.

Fellow ‘1883’ Star Shares Behind-the-Scenes Tornado Scene

The six-year-old wasn’t the only 1883 star to post about the crazy tornado scene from Episode 7. As Audie Rick pointed out in his recent post, his fellow co-star LaMonica Garrett did as well.

“BTS @1883official Episode 7 tornado scene. These wind fans are quipped w/350 Chevy V8 engines. At full throttle will ragdoll you completely off your feet. Shout out to our amazing directors/cinematographers @christinaalexandravoros @benrichardson & #taylorsheridan who set the tone, and look of the show. All while juggling 100 balls.”

There is no denying the magnitude of what they are doing on the set of 1883. Garrett says it’s “unheard of.”

“Shooting w/6 sometimes 8 cameras at once (which is unheard of for television) helicopters, drones, hundreds of horses & cattle, wagons, crazy weather, stunts, crew of 400 people background cast, main cast, and picking up and moving to different cities and states every few weeks. Hope y’all enjoy this episode, I’m still pulling dirt out of my ears from this one,” Garrett concluded.