‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Celebrates Being ‘Back on the Road’ After Months Filming Show

by Courtney Blackann

Following a wrap on season one of “1883,” Tim McGraw isn’t taking any downtime. In fact, the singer/actor is hitting the road already in preparation got his 2022 tour. He’s definitely one busy guy. But it’s got to be a good feeling to trade in his horse for a guitar – at least for a little while.

In a post on Twitter, the “1883” actor shares his excitement at getting ‘back on the road’ alongside a video clip of his reunion with his band. His Tour 2022 kicks off on February 19 in San Antonio and will run several shows through August. This cowboy isn’t taking any breathing time. After filming in Texas and Montana for several months, McGraw is ready for a break from James Dutton for awhile.

“Back on the road next weekend!! Feels so good to be back with the band and crew again!” McGraw captioned the post.

The “Something Like That” singer has been promoting his tour for awhile on social media, with plenty of videos that are getting fans hyped for his return after a long hiatus.

Tim McGraw Works Out to Help Him Prep for “1883”

“1883” has just three episodes left in its season. And so far, the “Yellowstone” spinoff has been a huge hit. It’s beautifully filmed in scenic locations like all of Taylor Sheridan’s work. And fans are giving it nothing but rave reviews. With Isabel May, Faith Hill, Sam Elliott and Lamonica Garrett, the drama series has a stellar cast with even better acting.

And if you’re caught up on the series, then you already know the actors have to be in peak physical condition for all it requires. Not only did the cast go through cowboy camp, learning to ride and rope – they also make their physical fitness a priority in between shoots.

Tim McGraw is especially keen on working out to stay healthy and fit. He says that while filming “1883” is was more of a meditation for him than anything else. But he always tries to get in an early morning workout.

“I’m sort of a gym rat,” McGraw said with a laugh. “I have to be in the gym every morning. The toughest part is being up at 3 in the morning every morning in order to make your call times. That’s probably the hardest part of it, is getting up at 3, getting your workouts in. Because there’s been a couple of days that I didn’t do that, and the energy is not the same on set.”

McGraw also added about his workout routine:

“My workouts are sort of like my meditation in a lot of ways,” McGraw added. “That’s the time when I go over my lines in my head, and I prepare for the day and try to be ready for what’s going on. And I try to know everyone’s lines in the show; that way I can sort of feel the moment and be in the moment.”