‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Is All Smiles in Photo With His Two Brothers

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

The McGraw brothers are spending some sibling bonding time together this week it seems! And country music icon and 1883 star Tim McGraw is excited to share the moment with his Twitter fans.

“The MCGRAW brothers,” the 1883 star writes in a Tuesday, April 5 Twitter post. In the post, Tim McGraw shares a pic of himself standing with his two brothers, Mark and Matthew.

It’s easy to see the family resemblance in the McGraw boys, for sure – especially in the eyes. It’s hard to tell what these brothers have planned for the day…but the pic is an awesome outdoor snapshot as the trio grins for the camera.

The ‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Has Always Had A Close Connection With Family

When Tim McGraw was growing up, things were tough for his mother Betty Trimble, the 1883 star remembers. Trimble gave birth to the country music superstar while still in high school and was subsequently unable to finish school. Then, while the young mother was struggling to make ends meet, working three jobs she took on the caretaking of Tim as well as his siblings, half-brothers, Mark McGraw and Matthew McGraw, as well as his half-sister, Cari Velardo.

“So, I have a lot of memories of all those things,” Tim McGraw has said of his mother’s hard work and dedication to the children.

“I know how resilient my mom is,” the country music icon continues.

“And how tough she is and how strong of a woman she is, and how well she raised us under the circumstances,” the 1883 star adds. “How she dealt with all of that thing.”

The Country Music Icon Remembers the Unending Support He Has Received From His Mother

After graduating high school, Tim McGraw went on to attend one semester of college at Jacksonville Florida’s Florida Community College. Initially, McGraw was planning on attending law school. However, he soon realized his true passion was in music. The 7500 Obo singer says he decided to risk it all and head to Nashville and make it on the country music scene. While Betty Trimble wanted her son to finish his degree, he says he still had her support since she knew that this would be his path.

“When I told her, she just said, ‘I’m surprised you hadn’t done it already,’” Tim McGraw quips of the moment he broke the news to his mother. 

“And that was her way of just telling me, go do it,” he recalls. “So, you know… she’s a big deal to me.”