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‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Says Acting on the Show Is ‘Every Kid’s Dream’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

This is the week that 1883 premieres, and we at Outsider are PUMPED! Tim McGraw has been on the media circuit talking about the show.

The star of the Dutton family prequel plays alongside his wife, Faith Hill. It really seems like the country music couple has enjoyed their time on the show. And that’s before anyone else has been able to see the first episode.

McGraw talked to CBS Mornings Gayle King about the show and what it means to play a cowboy on TV. The singer said, “It’s a dream. You know I grew up in Louisiana riding horses my whole life. I’ve gotten away from it for a while. But it was fun to get back into it get back on a horse. We’ve done some pretty crazy things on horses. It’s been quite an adventure for sure. You know, it’s every kid’s dream to be able to play a role like this.”

Generations of kids have grown up watching westerns and imagining themselves on the plains and deserts of the wild west. It is uniquely American, and McGraw has lived out that lifestyle with 1883.

‘Shootin’ Bad Guys’ and Riding Horses

Of course, par to the cowboy lifestyle is shooting guns, riding horses, and nailing bad guys. Everyone sees themselves as John Wayne when they daydream about the west. As James Dutton, McGraw has been able to do all that and more.

There is a star-studded cast that includes Hill, Sam Elliott, Billy Bob Thornton, and even Tom Hanks. McGraw talked about all the fun stuff they get to do in 1883 that kids grow up dreaming about.

“To be out on a horse, and you know, shootin’ bad guys. It’s been really quite an adventure, we’ve really enjoyed it,” he said.

With his wife Faith Hill by his side, it probably is like a dream. Everywhere they look, big-name Hollywood stars are around every corner. It must be surreal. However, it did take some adjusting before he could see his wife as a fictional character.

Tim McGraw Took Time to Adjust to ‘1883’ Role

It has been a dream, but that dream has been a little strange for the 1883 country star. McGraw had to adjust to the dynamic between him and his wife on screen. Not Tim and Faith. But James and Margaret. He said it took time for him to see her as Margaret and not the woman he had raised a family with.

“It was interesting to do that scene together because we felt like we were giving up a little bit a part of our life. But once we realized that we were in character and sort of just fell into character and speaking our lines, it became pretty natural as Margaret and James.”

The series is just around the corner, and we are so excited to see 1883 this weekend.