‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Says He Was Probably Singing ‘Way More’ Than He Should Have on Set

by Jonathan Howard

Imagine being on set with a country music star. The singing might be a lot. That’s what the 1883 cast went through with Tim McGraw. As James Dutton, McGraw played a brooding, thoughtful, kind family man, but dangerous stranger in the Yellowstone origin. It was a great performance that many fans loved. But, did the cast love all of the singing that was going on?

When you’re out in the literal prairie filming a historical fiction series, then things might get a little slow. The sun, gliding across the big sky…the wind blowing the grass…Tim McGraw throwing a baseball around. The 1883 cast learned to deal with more than one habit that the singer-songwriter had on set.

In a video for the Television Academy, “A Closer Look,” the 1883 cast talked about some behind-the-scenes stuff and little details that you don’t always get to hear. McGraw had to own up to his sometimes annoying actions.

“Threw a baseball around a lot. So throwing a baseball around and skipping rocks,” he said, avoiding the real scoop. “I’m sort of a jukebox when it comes to old country songs or old pop, or 70s rock songs, so I was probably walking around singing way more than I should have. I’m sure that the sound guys were shooshing me more than I realized.”

I mean, if you expected the man not to sing, I don’t know what to tell you. It might be somewhat of a surprise, but how could it be? If we’re being totally honest, the real story would be if he just didn’t sing at all on set. Not a note, hum, whistle, or nothing.

Check out the rest of that video below and see some more.

‘1883’ Stars Didn’t Want Their Personal Lives to Get in the Way

When McGraw and wife Faith Hill joined the 1883 cast, the couple didn’t want to bring themselves to the set. When they got there, they wanted to focus on being James and Margaret Dutton. Completely different people from who they are in real life.

McGraw talked about that in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“We realized coming into it [1883] as well, we had a pretty high bar to reach for people to not see Tim and Faith on screen,” the actor said. “You know because of our careers and being married for so long, it’s going to be hard for people to not just see Tim and Faith.”

In the grit and grime of the western frontier, these two did a great job of bringing these characters to the screen and not making it a showcase of themselves as individuals.