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Tim McGraw Told Clint Black About His ‘1883’ Role in Secret

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

“1883” star Tim McGraw told none other than country star and TV host Clint Black about his new role before anybody else.

Clint Black sat down for a talk with Taste of Country earlier this week. And when discussing Season 2 of his TV show “Talking in Circles With Clint Black,” the country star brought up how McGraw told him a secret before the show.

Season 2 of Black’s show debuts this Saturday, March 12. Tim McGraw is one of Clint Black’s first guests. But when they taped the show, McGraw told him about this “secret role” right before they stepped on stage.

“We’re in the green room, right? And he says to me, ‘Look, I gotta tell you this great news, but you can’t ask me about it in the interview,'” Black shared with the outlet. “It’s ‘1883.’ He had just inked the deal for ‘1883’ and told me about it and then we walk out and tape the show and I can’t ask him about it.”

Talk about keeping it under your hat. It must’ve taken everything in Clint Black to not question Tim McGraw when he had the chance. Hopefully, the two were able to talk it out off the record.

Here’s What Tim McGraw Actually Talked About on Clint Black’s Show

Since we know Clint Black couldn’t question Tim McGraw about “1883,” what did the country singers talk about? Music, of course.

PEOPLE teased a little bit of McGraw’s upcoming conversation with Black on Season 2 of his TV show. At one point, McGraw dives into what makes someone a “great artist,” across country music and other genres.

“As you know, the first rule of being a great artist is know who you are — and a lot of artists never figure out who they are as an artist,” Tim McGraw revealed to Clint Black.

“They’re trying to be somebody that’s not them,” McGraw continued. “And for me, I always knew who I was as an artist. But I was never opposed to opening my ears and opening my eyes and finding the core of what I am and knowing the road that I am on.”

It sounds like McGraw dove deep to find inspiration for his music. And to feel out his sound as an artist. Even if that meant trying out a bad sound along the way.

“And as long as you know you’re true path that you’re on and you know what you do well as an artist, I think the biggest thing as an artist to figure out, is figuring out what you don’t do well. And if you identify that first, then you’re well on your way to doing good stuff,” he concluded.