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‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Wants Fans to Forget His Country Music Star Status for Show

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by James Gourley/WireImage)

Tim McGraw is no doubt first and foremost recognizable as a country music icon. There’s no denying that. But when it comes to his acting career, especially while filming the period piece “1883,” he hopes his fans will put his musical stardom on the back burner.

The “Something Like That” singer has been putting in the work filming Taylor Sheridan’s “Yellowstone” prequel along with real-life wife Faith Hill. The challenge of portraying the Dutton family has been one that’s rewarding, McGraw says.

However, McGraw also hopes that his fans can view him differently than just a country singer in the role. In a recent interview with USA Today, McGraw opened up about his experience onset and what he hopes fans can take away from the show.

“We wanted to bring elements of our relationship to James and Margaret. Faith is the sun we all circle around, and Margaret is the steel in this (Dutton) family,” McGraw said. 

He goes on to say that:

“Music is my first love. I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do anything without music. It’s even how I met my wife. It’s the thing in my life that has brought me everything,” McGraw said. “I’ll retire one day, but I’m never gonna let (music) go. There’s nothing like being on stage and getting energy from the crowd. It’s the most addictive drug in the world.”

“1883” Origins and Other Details

The “1883” series will follow the lives of James and Margaret Dutton, the ancestors of “Yellowstone’s” John Dutton. It will premiere on Paramount+ on December 19. It’s sure to be just as gritty and captivating as “Yellowstone” and is highly anticipated. The series will also have appearances by Sam Elliott, Tom Hanks and Billy Bob Thornton.

McGraw also recently discussed filming the show. He says it was difficult at times because of the climate and terrain.

“The elements were the most challenging thing. It was either super hot or super cold. But it’s also another character in the show – the vistas, the scenery. Being in the elements on horseback and doing the things we’ve been able to do has been special,” said McGraw.

He went on to describe the heat, saying:

“We have been in some extreme heat, girl. And then the layers and layers of clothing, and then going to Montana with the freezing cold and the wind was insane. And then coming back to the panhandle of Texas and dealing with the same type of wind as Montana. Sometimes we had to pause for safety reasons. It’s not glamorous at all.”

“1883” will lay out the footprints of the Duttons as they head west in search of a better life. Both McGraw and Faith Hill immersed themselves into the roles, noting that they tried not to even rehearse together so their performances would be more real.