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‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Wishes His Mother a Very Happy Birthday

by Suzanne Halliburton
Michael Buckner/Getty Images

There’s nothing as heart-warming as seeing a guy like 1883 star Tim McGraw get a smidge emotional as he wishes his mother a happy birthday.

Yes, it’s Betty’s D’Agostino’s birthday. But rest assured, her son is too much of a gentleman to say how old. Cause ladies never tell their age.

“I’m not going to say how old she. I’m still scared of her,” the 1883 star said, as he joked ” everybody should be scared of their mom.”

McGraw, the country star who recently completed 1883, devoted an entire video to Betty to wish her a happiest of birthdays. The clip, which he posted on Instagram, featured a number of throwback photos. Of course, he also did the voiceover to the video.

“I’m just so proud of her, she worked her butt off, worked three jobs when we were kids, raising me and my sisters,” McGraw said. “Think she did a pretty good job

“My favorite thing to see is my mom coming to my shows because she loves to go and mingle with the audience,” he said. “And (she) lets everybody know she’s my mom … I love you mom, can’t wait for you to get back on the road and hang out in the crowd and represent me.”

Betty is the mother of three. Tim is the oldest child. The country superstar also has two sisters. And his mother is very much a part of Tim’s persona decades later. The 1883 patriarch had a complicated childhood. We’ll explain.

Betty got pregnant with Tim when she was a senior in high school. This was when the family was living in Florida. She met a young minor league baseball player who lived in the same apartment complex. They were together only one time. After she learned she was pregnant, Betty’s family sent her to Louisiana to have the baby. Tim grew up thinking his mother’s husband, Horace Smith, was his father. But when he was 11 or 12 years old, he was playing in his mother’s closet. That’s when he found his birth certificate stored in an old box. He learned his birth father was Tug McGraw, a star baseball player. The two began having a father-son relationship when Tim was in high school. In 2004, Tug McGraw died of a brain tumor.

But Betty always was there for her son. She encouraged him to go to law school. But when Tim told her he’d rather start a country music career, she gave her approval.

In 2020, McGraw released the single “I Called Mama.” And he dedicated it to Betty. Although he didn’t personally write the song, all of it still was personalized for his mother. The cover art for the single was of McGraw’s mother. It was back when she was in high school, right before she became pregnant with her son.

McGraw and his wife, Faith Hill, starred in 1883, the Paramount+ hit limited series and Yellowstone prequel. The final episode dropped in late February. In 1883, McGraw had a very special bond with his daughter.

By last weekend, the superstar couple were back performing on stage. So soon, Betty will be mingling with the crowds, letting everyone know Tim is her oldest.