‘1883’ Stars Detail the Importance of the Story the Show Tells

by Quentin Blount

Can we say that 1883 is officially one of the best shows on TV right now? Not only is it great from a cinematic standpoint, but the story behind it is also amazing as well.

This goes out to all of you Outsiders out there — if you haven’t watched the first three episodes of 1883 yet, you are missing out. The new series is created by Taylor Sheridan, and it’s a spin-off prequel to his hit show on Paramount Network Yellowstone. You won’t be seeing any of Kevin Costner in 1883, though. The show takes a look back at the Dutton family long before they ever gained control of Yellowstone Ranch. Instead, it stars other big names like Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sam Elliott, and LaMonica Garrett.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that Taylor Sheridan is doing everything possible to make 1883 unique and authentic to the very core. He explained as much in a recent video posted by the 1883 Official Twitter page.

“As a storyteller, my job is to hold a mirror up to nature and reflect back the world as it was,” Sheridan explained.

“So much work has gone into building the world of 1883. The cast and crew break it all down. #1883TV #ParamountPlus”

Check out the entire video down below:

‘1883’ Stars Gush About Show’s Story

We all had a feeling that 1883 was going to be awesome. Heck, even creator Taylor Sheridan tried to tell us. He had previously said that the show was going to be “epic” and “huge” and that every episode would cost more than $10 million to make. That’s more than the cost of making an episode of Yellowstone.

But Sheridan wanted to do this right. And it seems like the stars of the show are taking notice.

“It’s rare to have the kind of story that we have been handed,” Faith Hill said in 1883‘s most recent video.

“A story about this diverse group of people that came from far and wide,” Sam Elliott chimed in.

“This is what happens. This is the journey that our ancestors took,” noted Isabel May.

“I think that Taylor creates such an incredible world with his writing that it’s so easy to get lost in it,” added Tim McGraw.

It goes without saying that the preparation, the logistics, and the budget are all there for this to be a great show. But what’s even more important, perhaps, is the writing. And Sheridan says that fans will be very connected to the characters in 1883.

“The audience is going to get very connected to these characters,” Sheridan said. “Some heartbreak is coming and some catharsis is coming and some beauty is coming, and I can’t say much more than that.”