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‘1883’ Stars Explain How Cowboy Camp Bonded the Cast

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Before filming the series, the 1883 cast had to go through special training called cowboy camp, which allowed them to bond. Cowboy camp allowed the cast to get comfortable with one another and with riding horses. Due to the dangerous nature of some of the stunts they had to do on the show, it was an important part of filming.

In fact, many of the stars in 1883 came into the show not even knowing how to really ride horses. That was quick to change, though. Creator Taylor Sheridan made sure that real-life cowboys and horse trainers are available to help train the cast. They did a lot of intense things during cowboy camp, which prepared them for their stunts onscreen. As you can imagine, being in these stressful situations led to a lot of bonding experiences.

They came to cowboy camp not really knowing each other, their character, or what was in store. They left cowboy camp as bonafide cowboys themselves, with new friendships and an idea of the future.

1883 Cast Bonded Over Cowboy Camp

The official Yellowstone YouTube account recently shared a little bit of background into what cowboy camp was like. We got to see the 1883 cast doing their exercises with the horses and cattle. Most importantly, we heard from them firsthand about their experiences at the camp.

Eric Nelsen plays Ennis on the popular Western. And for him, cowboy camp is extremely important. “We’re all trying to build chemistry as actors,” he said. “And there’s nothing more team-oriented than getting 28 cattle over hills and through alleyways for miles and miles. So, if you’re not communicating to your teammates then it’s not going to work.”

Isabel May, who plays Elsa, agrees with Nelsen. “People would go out of their way to help one another without expecting anything.” For her and many of the cast, the only way to get through cowboy camp and filming is to work together. The stars have no other option but to get along and work together. “Well, it’s the only way that you can survive in an environment like that,” she added.

For ‘1883 Castmembers, It’s Them ‘Against the World’

A common sentiment shared throughout the 1883 cast is that cowboy camp was extremely tough. And it’s extremely necessary to have people on your side during that time. In the words of Marc Rissmann: “We will be on this journey for half a year and go through hell.”

Even though cowboy camp was painfully rough at times, the outcome was extraordinary and valuable.

“It’s about to be a family. It’s about to be all of us against the world,” LaMonica Garrett explains in the video. “We all have to trust each other. We have to help hold each other accountable. It’s great for what we’re about to encounter.”