‘1883’ Stars Look Like Tough Customers in New Picture from Set

by Jon D. B.

1883 is set to impress with Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, and Billy Bob Thornton all looking lean and mean for the Yellowstone prequel.

“Let’s go to work! 1883 premieres Dec. 19 on @paramountplus,” captions the show’s official Instagram Tuesday. But this run-of-the-mill text pales in comparison to the photo on display.

Within, Paramount is showcasing some serious star power for their first Yellowstone spinoff. At the lineup’s core, we have: Tim McGraw as James Dutton, Sam Elliott as Shea Brennan, and LaMonica Garrett as Thomas. Joining them, of course, is guest star and Hollywood icon Billy Bob Thornton as lawman Jim Courtright, a figure from Texas’ true history.

Rounding out this impressive display is Marc Rissman (far right) as fellow traveler Josef. We caught our first glimpse of Rissman’s role in 1883 as part of the official trailer’s drop last week, and he looks and sounds a fantastic addition to this already remarkable ensemble.

Fellow 1883 cast member Eric Nelsen calls them “The western dream team” in the Instagram comments, with star LaMonica Garrett and Yellowstone photographer Emerson Miller (who took this very shot) adding their support, as well.

It’s 1883 fan Pierce, however, that nails the vibe with: “Tombstone energy right here.”

As Outsiders know, both Billy Bob Thornton and Sam Elliott would bring immense gravitas to that classic Western.

The thru-lines continues after that, too. Both Thornton and Tim McGraw stared in classic Friday Night Lights together, as well. 1883 is looking to be quite the reunion special.

‘1883’ Set to Showcase Iconic Actors with Western Dialogue

Not only is 1883 set to star some of Hollywood’s biggest Western icons, it’s set to take full advantage, as well. Through the official trailer, we now know what each actor will be delivering with their characters.

Elliott, Thornton, and McGraw all get the chance to shine within. And we have no doubt that 1883 is going to become an oft-quoted Western. A few highlights from the trailer are:

“I admire your courage. But you’re gonna pick a fight you can’t win before long.”

Shea Brennan (Sam Elliott), 1883

As for country superstar Tim McGraw, he absolutely looks to be pouring his heart and soul into his ancestral Dutton, James.

“I believe in you. I believe in that boy. And I believe in our daughter. That’s all.”

James Dutton (Tim McGraw), 1883

And of course, Billy Bob Thornton brings the house down by delivering the trailer’s final – and finest – Western one-liner:

“There’s only one killer in Fort Worth, and that’s me.”

Jim Courtright (Billy Bob Thornton), 1883

For more of our favorite lines from 1883 ahead of the premiere, be sure to check out our ‘1883’: Best Lines from the Trailer for the ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel next.