‘1883’: Take a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Upcoming ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel

by Leanne Stahulak
Pictured: Sam Elliott as Shea of the Paramount+ original series 1883. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ (C) 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

We’re getting closer and closer to the series premiere of “1883,” Taylor Sheridan’s new “Yellowstone” prequel series.

The first two episodes drop this Sunday, Dec. 19, on Paramount Plus. The show stars Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sam Elliott, LaMonica Garrett, Isabel May, Billy Bob Thorton, and even Tom Hanks. But the main thing going for the show is that it’s helmed by the master of Western television himself, Taylor Sheridan.

Earlier today, the official “1883” Instagram account posted a “Look Behind The Scenes” of the new show. Sheridan spoke a bit about his inspiration for the “Yellowstone” prequel, which features the ancestors of the flagship show’s main character, John Dutton.

“When I came up with the story of ‘Yellowstone,’ I was always fascinated by how it would begin,” Sheridan explained in the video. “It’s an opportunity to see western expansion in the 1870s and 80s. And a west beyond the reach of the rule of law, that brought out the very best and the very worst of humanity.”

When the “1883” creator puts it like that, how can you not want to watch? It sounds like the show promises to blend together historical authenticity with drama and excitement if the recent trailers are any indication. Check out the rest of the behind-the-scenes video for yourself below, to see all the characters in action.

“You’ve never seen anything like it. #1883TV premieres Sunday, exclusively on @paramountplus,” the caption on the post reads.

‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Talks ‘Toughest Part’ of Working With Sam Elliott

Even celebrities freak out when they meet their favorite celebrities. For “1883” star Tim McGraw, meeting Sam Elliott was a dream come true. But acting with him in scenes where their characters clashed was more difficult than he thought.

Earlier this week, McGraw sat down with Outsider for a roundtable discussion about working with Elliott on set.

“The toughest part is my character and Sam’s character sort of butt heads the whole time,” McGraw revealed. “We sort of have this antagonistic relationship. But we realize this early on, there’s also a really deep mutual respect that we have for each other.”

Respect is key, especially in a deeply emotional (and very violent) show like “1883.”

“The toughest thing sometimes is to stand up and have a confrontation with Sam Elliott’s character,” McGraw said. “And to have to look him in the eye and defy him. It sort of makes your knees go weak a bit because all you want to do is go, ‘Yes sir, yes sir. Whatever you say, yes sir.’

“And so that’s the toughest part is to stay in character and really stand your ground,” the “1883” star concluded. “Because Sam is such an intimidating figure. But at the same time, Sam himself is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, the most generous people I’ve ever met.”

Make sure you catch these two on-screen this Sunday, Dec. 19, on Paramount Plus.