‘1883’: Taylor Sheridan Bringing Back ‘Yellowstone’ Production Design Team for Prequel Series

by Jon D. B.

1883 is set to stun as Yellowstone‘s powerhouse design trio: Carla Curry, Cary White, and Yvonne Boudreau will bring life to Paramount’s period prequel.

Yellowstone would be a fraction of the current phenomenon if not for its stellar lineup of designers. The show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, knows it, too. Which is why he’s bringing on that show’s Emmy-nominated design trio for his next project: historical prequel, 1883.

Joining Sheridan for Paramount’s first Yellowstone spinoff will be production designer Cary White, set decorator Carla Curry, and art director Yvonne Boudreau, Deadline reports. The trio is responsible for Yellowstone‘s first Emmy nomination, “Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary Program,” via the 73rd Emmy Awards. Now, they’ll bring their style, expertise, and eye for immaculate detail to 1883.

There’s no confirmation of the exact budget the designers will be working with. Deadline cites, however, word of a staggering $10 million per episode. In short: this trio will have plenty of cash to back them up.

“They came to Taylor early on, and described how they wanted to build the streaming service by putting some incredible content on the air, and Taylor said, ‘I have it. I want to do the prequel to the Duttons but this is going to be a big epic huge show,” EP David Glasser tells Deadline of early negotiations to bring the Yellowstone team onboard.

“They’re really going for it,” he says, “making shows that tell big stories. They’re very serious about what they want the streaming service to be and what will define it. I think there is a huge audience that is going to want to be part of Taylor’s shows.”

With this design team behind 1883, we have no doubt.

‘1883’s Carla Curry Gave ‘Heart’ to ‘Yellowstone’

“Our job is to make these environments look real,” said Carla Curry of her work on Yellowstone. For that show, Carla wasn’t afraid to get out of the way of reality and let the realness of their locations speak for themselves.

“The logs are real. The antiques are real. There’s not fake anything in here,” Curry explains. “We shoot it totally like a big ol’ feature film.”

We’re expecting the exact same for 1883.

“The home has become almost its own character,” she smiles of Chief Joseph Ranch. Chief Joseph becomes the Dutton’s Yellowstone Ranch. As a historic site, Yellowstone‘s set designers and decorators do not and can not alter the lodge’s original state, and Curry loves it. She calls Chief Joseph “the heart of the show.”

For 1883, however, a whole new set of challenges await. The 19th-century setting means everything is being built from scratch. A dream job for any production designer, set decorator, or art director, to be sure.

1883 hits Paramount Network and Paramount+ December 19.