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‘1883’ Stars Call Taylor Sheridan’s Cowboy Camp One of the Most Fun Parts of Shooting

by Jonathan Howard
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

When it comes to getting things right, Taylor Sheridan went to great lengths for 1883. That included an intense cowboy camp to get the cast ready.

Everyone, including little Audie Rick, in the cast learned how to rope and ride. Toby Keith would be jealous, to be honest. The cowboy camp was one of the more interesting aspects of preparing for the show.

Since the show was announced, 1883 stars have talked about the training that went into the show. From learning how to drive wagons to wrangle cattle, the experience has clearly had a big impact on all involved. So, when you see these actors riding and cowboying it up, that’s all real. No video effects here.

In a video, the cast talked about the experience and all that went into it. You can check that out on the official 1883 Twitter account. It seems that each and every one of the cast members had a great time getting to know each other, learning their new skills, and putting them to work on screen.

“So the infamous cowboy camp,” Isabel May said. “It’s a time that Taylor allows the cast to all meet one another. And just learn to ride horses but in a fun, interactive setting,”

“I learned how to ride a horse and rope,” says the adorable Audie Rick, who plays the young John Dutton Sr.

Taylor Sheridan might be the only man in Hollywood that can turn a group of actors into a group of cowboys. The work that went into making 1883 as accurate as it could possibly be, is immeasurable. From the props to the wagons to the work that each cast member physically put into the show.

One ‘1883’ Star Is ‘Fully Immersed’ In Cowboy Culture

While Eric Nelsen had never been cast in a Western before, 1883 has made him a huge fan. The actor who brings us Ennis on-screen has enjoyed his time learning the ins and outs of cowboy culture. He along with the rest of the cast learned to do all the things that they need to do to make the show work.

When talking to Cowboys & Indians during a video interview, the actor opened up about his feelings for the show and the Western lifestyle.

“It’s my first Western. And [it] couldn’t have been a better first experience than 1883… I’m fully immersed, I’m completely in love with the culture and the people, the way of life and the history behind it really. It’s been a dream come true,” the actor lamented.

So, Outsiders, what do you think about the cowboy culture of the show? Is it everything that was promised or are there parts that were missed?