‘1883’ Teases Tim McGraw’s ‘OG Dutton’ in New Teaser

by Leanne Stahulak

True to its name, “1883” will feature several old-timey artifacts that are historically accurate. And in theme with the period setting, the show is using old-style photographs or pictures to promote its stellar cast.

The most recent star to be portrayed is Tim McGraw, who plays James Dutton on the “Yellowstone” prequel series. James and his wife, Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill), are traveling west to seek a new life. They’re accompanied by their daughter Elsa (Isabel May) and son John (Audie Rick). And leading the whole group of pioneers west? None other than Pinkerton agent and cowboy Shea Brennan, played by the incredible Sam Elliott.

You might also recognize Billy Bob Thornton, LaMonica Garrett, Marc Rissman, Eric Nelson, and even Tom Hanks among the other cast members. But in the days leading up to the “1883,” premiere, the show’s highlighted McGraw, Elliott, and Hill the most.

Yesterday, the official “1883” Twitter account posted a video of McGraw with the old-western-style picture. The video showed water pouring across the surface, using it to transition to different shots of McGraw. We see him both looking off into the distance and at the camera, as well as holding a gun in one picture. A sweeping, gorgeous soundtrack plays in the background of the promotion.

The whole reason “1883” came into being is because creator Taylor Sheridan made the modern-western “Yellowstone” back in 2018. He always wondered how the Duttons’ story began, and that led him to explore the history of western expansion throughout the late 1800s.

Now, we’ll see that history start to play out on our screens this coming Sunday, Dec. 19, on Paramount Plus.

‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Talks Filming on Location

Earlier this week, “1883” star Tim McGraw sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about the upcoming show. When asked about filming on location in Montana and Texas, McGraw had nothing but good things to say.

“The locations are a huge character in the show,” McGraw told the outlet earlier. “Without these locations, I think – seeing real mountains in Montana, seeing real high plains in Texas, seeing all of the things you see, the backdrop is just as important as anything.”

He continued, “I mean I’ve heard the camera guy say several times, ‘Gosh we just point the camera in that direction and you guys say your lines and we got a great shot.’ That’s just how beautiful it was.”

The land is just as important as the main characters in a show about western expansion. Who the land belongs to, how it should be governed, how it conquers man, and vice versa. Sheridan will explore all those themes and more in “1883.”