‘1883’: This Is a Surefire Way to Earn a Spanking From Margaret Dutton

by Courtney Blackann

Margaret Dutton is not here to play around. Though she’s willing to put it all on the line and follow her husband into the unknown, Margaret is no pushover. She’s a steady woman who respects her relationship with James Dutton (Tim McGraw) but she’s not one to be pushed around. And the “1883” character knows just the phrase that will earn a big ol’ spanking.

During the Western’s latest episode, “Lightning Yellow Hair,” the wagon party hires a cook to make rationing easier. However, Cookie has a particular vocabulary that doesn’t exactly thrill everyone – especially not Margaret. After one of the immigrants helps himself to a hearty plate of meat, Cookie unleashes an earful – and it includes a choice F word.

After he’s gone on for a few minutes of ranting and raving, young John turns towards his mother and asks what “F—” means. The quick-witted Margaret kneels down to James and tells him it means “a spanking – and a good one.”

The comedic moment plays well to creator/writer Taylor Sheridan’s style. And while he’s much more candid with his “Yellowstone’ characters (Beth has a mouth that would shame any sailor), “1883” has been much more mild.

Faith Hill Sharing Insight Off-Screen of “1883”

Further, Margaret Dutton may be a no-nonsense mom and wife onset of “1883,” and in real life, Faith Hill who plays the character, is also teaching plenty of lessons to her costars. Isabel May who plays Elsa Dutton, the daughter of Margaret and James, says that she’s learned plenty from Faith Hill.

“Really what I learned from Faith– I’ve learned quite a bit. But, one of the prominent things is that she is a kick a-s-s businesswoman. She handles herself so beautifully. There’s so much craziness that has occurred while we were filming–weather, obstacles in our path. And she just has such incredible composure. I hope only that I can take a little bit of that with me in my life,” May says.

And Faith Hill says she loves being a part of everything “1883” represents. She had no second thoughts about coming onboard when the part was offered to her.

“The writing is one of the best things I’ve ever read, truthfully. Yeah, that was really it. It was the writing. The story of this family, the story for our daughter Elsa, who is played by Isabel May, this beautiful woman here, this young woman sitting next to me who I’ve adopted,” the actress jokes. She continues, “What an incredibly written journey for a family, but for a young woman in particular.”