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‘1883’: Tim McGraw on Acting in a Western Bringing His Country Music Career ‘Full Circle’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo Credit: Sarah Coulter/Paramount+ © 2021 CBS Interactive . All Rights Reserved)

Tim McGraw is a man of many talents. He’s one of the best-selling country singers in the business. Additionally, McGraw has shown his acting chops time and again. Movies like Friday Night Lights and The Blind Side wouldn’t have been the same without him. So, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before McGraw signed on to act in a western. Now, he’s James Dutton in 1883 and it just feels right.

When we learned that Tim McGraw was joining the cast of 1883, we were instantly excited. Those who follow the Outsider brand know that we love Yellowstone and country music. So, seeing those two things merge was like a dream come true. Recently, we were lucky enough to join some other outlets to talk to McGraw about his latest acting undertaking.

During that roundtable discussion, Tim McGraw talked about how his music career and 1883 come together in his life.

Tim McGraw on 1883 and His Country Music Career

Tim McGraw said that taking the role of James Dutton brought his country music career, “Full circle, in a lot of ways.” Then, he went on to discuss how his upbringing prepared him for country stardom and his current role.

“I grew up riding horses,” Tim McGraw revealed. “My stepdad was a cowboy, so I could ride before I could walk.” At the same time, McGraw’s stepdad was a truck driver. As a result, when young Tim wasn’t on horseback helping his stepdad herd cattle he was, “In an eighteen-wheeler listening to 8-tracks of Merle Haggard and George Jones.” Eighteen wheelers, herding cattle, Haggard, and Jones – it doesn’t get much more country than that.

So, Tim McGraw’s formative years prepared him to be a cowboy and country singer. Now we’ve watched him fill both of those roles with great success. However, he revealed that his time on 1883 is preparing him for the future.

Tim McGraw said that he’s gained several things from his time on the show. For one, he’s formed strong relationships with his 1883 co-stars. Additionally, he says that the role has spurred “profound growth” for him as an actor. However, the greatest thing about working on the show is for McGraw is that it has his creative juices flowing. “I find songs in everything that we do. Every day, there’s something that happens and I go home and write down something that’s going to end up being a song.”

This sounds like a win for everyone involved. Tim McGraw gets to work with a great cast on a show that inspires him to write more songs. On the other hand, fans get a stellar show in 1883 as well as the prospect of new music from one of country’s biggest stars.