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‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Calls Billy Bob Thornton the Angel on His Shoulder

by Jonathan Howard
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

The cast of 1883 is absolutely loaded with big-name talent. From Tim McGraw to Billy Bob Thornton, everywhere you look is a familiar face.

Part of the draw to 1883 was the connection to Yellowstone. Of course, having stars like McGraw, Thornton, Faith Hill, Sam Elliott, as well as a guest role from Tom Hanks helped get fans excited. However, once that first episode hit the screen, it was clear that the show was its own thing.

McGraw plays the Dutton family patriarch, James. A Confederate Civil War veteran looking to put his previous life behind him. From Tennessee to Fort Worth, Texas, and up the Oregon Trail. That’s the journey fans will get to see.

Another thing that 1883 does really well is put out great content behind the scenes for fans on social media. A recent video on Twitter has fans very excited for the show to return this week with a brand new episode. During the video, McGraw and others talk about their experiences. One thing that the country singer pointed out, the role that Thornton played off-screen as well on.

“Billy Bob was so fantastic,” McGraw says in the video. “He was like, the angel on my shoulder.”

“I play this sheriff Jim Courtright,” Thornton says right after. “Who is pretty straight to business.”

Straight to business indeed. The character that Thornton plays in 1883 is just as fearsome as the real-life Jim Courtright. That’s right, the character was a real-life lawman, gunfighter, and feared individual in the wild west. He resided in Fort Worth and eventually, as these stories usually end was shot down in a gunfight at 39 years old.

Courtright is the perfect companion to James Dutton. However, the Dutton’s don’t stay in Fort Worth for very long.

‘1883’ Star Billy Bob Thornton Remembers Tim McGraw’s Early Acting Career

Now, those that have been fans of Thornton and McGraw for a while know that the two have worked together before. 1883 is definitely not the first time that the two acted alongside one another. It was back in 2004’s Friday Night Lights where the two first joined up on the screen.

Thornton talked about being there when McGraw first started his Hollywood career before the premiere of 1883. “I was there at the beginning of Tim’s acting career, so I’m really proud to see him doing this and sticking with it,” the veteran actor said. “He’s so into it and enthusiastic about it, and I’m just really happy for him and [Faith Hill].”

When those two were portraying a football team back in 2004 they probably didn’t see a Western epic in their future. However, they got to this point, who cares? So far, 1883 has delivered and then some on the overall product. New episodes are back starting this Sunday.