‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Says Driving a Wagon ‘Is Not the Safest Thing’

by Chris Haney

On Thursday, 1883 stars Tim McGraw and Isabel May joined The Kelly Clarkson Show and the iconic country musician opened up about the dangers of driving a wagon while filming.

The Yellowstone spinoff has already been a huge success with fans, and has helped fill the void since Season 4 came to an end last month. Not only is McGraw portraying one of the ancestors of John Dutton (Kevin Costner), but his famous wife, Faith Hill, stars in the series as well.

1883 is giving fans an inside look into how the Dutton family came about their massive Montana ranch. The prequel follows McGraw and his family’s trek across the Great Plains as they seek a better future for themselves in Montana. Of course, wagons play a huge role in their fictional journey. However, the dangers of driving a wagon on set are as real as they come, according to the country star.

While May joined Clarkson in the studio, McGraw joined the show virtually from afar during the interview. Clarkson brought up the fact that he and his wife each had to drive a wagon on 1883. The host said it looks easy, but admitted it’s probably extremely difficult. McGraw agreed.

“That was probably the hardest skill out of all of them,” Tim McGraw explained. “I didn’t have to do it as much as Faith did. She had to do most of the wagon driving. I did it a bit, but she did most of it. Yea, that can get really dangerous and really hairy. Those things can really run away with you anytime. It’s one of those things that once they break loose it’s hard to stop them. So it’s not the safest thing in the world.”

‘1883’ Star Isabel May Explains Why She Wasn’t Afraid To Ride Horses

For true Yellowstone fans, they know co-creator Taylor Sheridan is very serious when it comes to the authenticity of his shows. That’s why he puts his actors through a “Cowboy Camp” to prepare them for their roles. The same went for the stars of the prequel 1883.

While Sheridan often hires actors who come from western backgrounds, others have zero experience like Isabel May. Knowing how to ride horses is almost a prerequisite to being successful in their roles. May is a self-identified “city girl” who was born in Los Angeles and had never lived that type of lifestyle. However, she embraced the cowboy life and even arrived early to Sheridan’s “Cowboy Camp.”

“I flew in about a week and a half earlier than everyone and just rode horses,” the 1883 star explained to Clarkson during the same interview.

Clarkson asked if she had fun learning to ride horses before immediately following that up by asking if she was scared at all as well.

“Oh, I mean, come on. You’re just staying at someone’s house and riding horses all day,” she said of the enjoyable experience. “To be honest, no. I got really lucky. I just really wanted to be good at it and I really wanted to learn. So, that kind of overcame any sort of fear that I may have had.”