‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Had Extreme Preparations for the Show

by Hannah Heser

1883 consists of a lot of work for the cast and Tim McGraw is one of the busiest stars.

Prior to Yellowstone’s spin-off premiere, the country singer revealed his extreme preparations for the show in an interview. For those who aren’t familiar with the prequel, Tim McGraw plays the main character, James Dutton. His wife, Faith Hill joins him on the show as Margaret Dutton. It’s fun to see them as they portray a couple also in a television series.

Throughout the series, the couple portrays the great-great-grandparents of Yellowstone‘s John Dutton. They are constantly traveling from Texas to Montana in search of the Dutton Family Ranch, which is the setting of the entire show.

Now that you know a little more about the prequel, let’s take a look at how McGraw prepared for this role.

Tim McGraw Talks About His New Role

Firstly, this multi-talented star has to do a lot of horseback riding on the show, but that’s nothing new for him. McGraw and the cast had to go to Taylor Sheridan’s cowboy camp over the summer to learn more equine skills they use on the show, and also how to drive a wagon.

According to Taste of Country, McGraw shared some daily steps he takes when shooting each episode.

“I’m sort of a gym rat,” McGraw said with a laugh. “I have to be in the gym every morning. The toughest part is being up at 3 in the morning every morning in order to make your call times. That’s probably the hardest part of it, is getting up at 3, getting your workouts in. Because there’s been a couple of days that I didn’t do that, and the energy is not the same on set.”

Following that response, the Humble and Kind singer added more about his routine.

“My workouts are sort of like my meditation in a lot of ways,” McGraw added. “That’s the time when I go over my lines in my head, and I prepare for the day and try to be ready for what’s going on. And I try to know everyone’s lines in the show; that way I can sort of feel the moment and be in the moment.”

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