‘1883’: Tim McGraw Speaks on Moment He Found Out Sam Elliott Joined Cast

by Leanne Stahulak

“1883” star Tim McGraw has made no secret of the fact that he was a huge Sam Elliott fan before the two started working together on the Taylor Sheridan-led show. And now that the two have actually filmed together, McGraw still has nothing but kind words for the veteran Western actor.

McGraw sat down with “Yellowstone” star Jefferson White for the official “Yellowstone” podcast earlier this week. McGraw talked about his role in “1883,” which does tie into Season 4 of the hit Paramount Network show. But at one point, McGraw also opened up about when he first got offered the role of James Dutton by Taylor Sheridan.

“It was like, ‘Alright, let me get the deal worked out, let’s see some scripts and all this stuff.’ And of course, we’re in,” McGraw told White.

“Then he started sending scripts. And when I read the scripts, it’s like there’s no way I’m not gonna do this,” the “1883” star revealed. “Faith [Hill] and I both, there’s no way we’re not gonna do this.”

When McGraw and his wife Faith Hill heard that they’d be working with Sam Elliott on “1883,” that only sealed the deal more.

“Then when Sam Elliott got involved… I mean how do you take this script, Taylor Sheridan, being a huge ‘Yellowstone’ fan, and then Sam Elliott’s gonna be acting with you?” McGraw continued. “That’s a box that you can’t get out of. You don’t wanna get out of. How do you say no to any of that? And it’s been a fantastic experience.”

All of the stars have praised the crew and their fellow cast members on their work so far. It’s been difficult, physically strenuous work, especially filming primarily outdoors. But the cast has also bonded tremendously over the course of filming.

‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Heaps More Praise on Co-Star Sam Elliott

Earlier this year, “1883” star Tim McGraw sat down with Outsider and a few other outlets for a round table discussion about the new show. At the time, McGraw reiterated the fact that he and Faith Hill knew immediately that they wanted to be involved in the show.

“First off, when we read the script, [Faith Hill and I] knew we wanted to do it. And we knew we wanted to do it together,” the “1883” star said. “And then when we found out that Sam Elliott was gonna be involved… I would’ve crawled over hot coals to play opposite of Sam Elliott.”

That’s quite the dedication. But luckily, McGraw faced no hot coals when starring alongside the Hollywood legend. Instead, he faced a much bigger task: Butting heads with Elliott’s character on the show.

“The toughest thing sometimes is to stand up and have a confrontation with Sam Elliott’s character,” McGraw said. “And to have to look him in the eye and defy him. It sort of makes your knees go weak a bit because all you want to do is go, ‘Yes sir, yes sir. Whatever you say, yes sir.’”

We see none of McGraw’s nerves about defying Elliott in “1883.” And we can’t wait to see more of the duo on our screens in the coming weeks.