‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Calls Montana His Favorite Filming Location for the Show

by Leanne Stahulak
Pictured: Tim McGraw as James of the Paramount+ original series 1883. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

“1883” star Tim McGraw has talked about many highs and lows of creating the show, but one of the best parts seems to be filming in Montana.

Creator Taylor Sheridan knows how to take advantage of the state’s natural beauty, as evidenced by his highly-successful show, “Yellowstone.” For Sheridan’s new prequel series, “1883,” it looks like he took those same cinematography methods to wow audiences with the primitive Western location.

McGraw and the other cast members primarily filmed the show in Montana and Texas, specifically by Fort Worth. If he had to pick between the two, McGraw told The Hollywood Reporter that he loved working in Montana more.

“Well, Montana is beautiful. I love Montana,” McGraw told the outlet. “We had a handful of it after the cold and all of the wind we had up there. But, to me, Montana is just such a magical place and such a beautiful place — that’s probably my favorite.”

Cold Montana or Sweltering Texas?

It likely doesn’t help that filming “1883” in Texas during a 100-degree summer was miserable. McGraw and co-star Sam Elliott talked with Entertainment Weekly about the “brutal” weather conditions last month.

“The first month was brutal,” Elliott said. “It was 100 degrees and not easy.”

“It’s super dusty and super hot. There’s no way around it,” McGraw added. “At the same time, it’s like every kid’s fantasy to do something like this, to put your chaps on, your cowboy hat, and your gun holsters every day. Then you get on a horse and try to survive this journey.”

We’re glad to see McGraw looking on the bright side of things. But thinking about all the “1883” cast members in layers upon layers of period clothing during that Texas summer has me sweating.

And though McGraw loved Montana and its beauty, his co-star LaMonica Garrett opened up about how the weather didn’t always treat them kindly up north either.

“This is [filmed] outdoors 98 percent of the time, where it’ll be a hundred degrees and humid,” Garrett told PEOPLE earlier this month. “Or you’re in Montana and it’s 15 degrees or 20 degrees and it’s just freezing from sun up to sundown.”

Sounds like a Catch-22. But at least the male co-stars didn’t have petticoats and corsets to worry about.

‘1883’ Star Faith Hill Opens Up About Period Costume

Faith Hill, wife of Tim McGraw and star on “1883,” also talked to Entertainment Weekly about filming conditions. Primarily, about how it felt to wear a corset for the first time in her life.

“Although it looks amazing, it’s terrible. I think I have a few ribs floating around in my body,” Hill told the outlet. We can only imagine how tight it’s gotta feel, especially when she’s moving around or riding horses or driving wagons.

Don’t miss Hill, McGraw, Elliott, Garrett, or any of the other cast members in “1883,” premiering this Sunday, Dec. 19 on Paramount Plus.