‘1883’: Tim McGraw’s Epic New Photo from ‘Yellowstone’ Spin-Off Set Looks Out of the 1800s

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images)

What’s just “Another day of work at 1883” for Tim McGraw has resulted in this stunning 19th century-looking shot of the star on horseback.

We’re already chomping at the bit for 1883, but this latest shot courtesy of Tim McGraw has Outsider’s hype on overdrive. Courtesy of his official Twitter, the country music icon and actor gives fans a glimpse of “Another Day of work at #1883TV.”

Someone went the extra mile here, however. The shot McGraw includes is a dead ringer for 19th century Western photography. At the time, daguerreotype photography was prevalent. This labor intensive form of picture taking used an iodine-sensitized silvered plate and mercury vapor. The resulting images were stark, deeply contrasted snapshots of life not unlike the one we see below.

Within, Tim McGraw is in character as James Dutton. His patriarch is the ancestor of Yellowstone’s John Dutton, and his story is the tale of how the Dutton Yellowstone Ranch came to be. This is 1883 in a nutshell; a proper period correct Western that fans of Yellowstone proper will be watching come December 19.

And the more we see the more we’re sold on McGraw in his role. He’s acted before, sure, as fans of Friday Night Lights will recall. But saddling the next installment of a mega-hit franchise is a whole other beast. He’ll be doing so alongside wife Faith Hill, too, who plays on-screen wife Margaret Dutton.

Thankfully, it’s no secret that both possess talent in heaps and have acted before. Their skills are also on full display in 1883‘s official trailer. And for Outsider’s part, finally seeing the couple in character has erased any doubt that Taylor Sheridan & Co. have once again made the right casting calls.

‘1883’ is Aiming for Absolute Authenticity

How could we ever doubt the team responsible for giving us Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton? Or Kevin Costner as John Dutton? The brilliance of the Yellowstone team extends far beyond casting, too. The majority are returning for 1883, so we’re putting a whole lot of eggs in the “this will be good” basket.

Sheridan is a stickler for authenticity, too. As we’ve previously covered, the Yellowstone creator has brought together a team of advisors for 1883 in order to ensure 19th century accuracy. Not just accuracy, though, but “meticulous” historical accuracy.

According to his Executive Producer and longtime partner David Glasser, every detail is being discussed and properly sourced by this team of historians. Sheridan is spotlighting the cultures and languages of the Native American tribes present in the time of 1883, too.

The sprawling epic will travel from Texas to Montana through the late 1800s. As the ancestral Duttons do so, Sheridan’s team is ensuring that every detail will be as close to it was in reality, something Tim McGraw‘s photo above speaks volumes to.