‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Reveals Wade Sang a Lullaby He Wrote for the Show

by Leanne Stahulak

“1883” star Tim McGraw revealed that he did contribute one song on the musical end of things for the “Yellowstone” prequel show. Unlike the flagship show itself, where McGraw remastered his classic hit “The Cowboy in Me,” this was a subtler contribution.

McGraw opened up about his time on “1883” to fellow country star Kelly Clarkson on her morning talk show. At one point, he mentioned the single song he wrote was actually sung by Wade (James Landry Hébert).

“There’s a scene where Wade has to sing to the cattle,” McGraw shared. “And he was searching for a song to sing to the cattle. And I was walking into the gym one day and I had this idea. So I did a voice memo to him with this little lullaby for him to sing to the cattle. And he liked it and Taylor liked it so that’s what he ended up singing. That was my contribution to music on this show.”

Does anyone else want to see this Tim McGraw lullaby show up on the “1883” Spotify playlist? Although, maybe not sung by Hébert (no offense). Check out a clip of McGraw’s interview with Clarkson and co-star Isabel May in the video below.

‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Opens Up About Filming Conditions on Show

“1883” star Tim McGraw was talking to all kinds of talk show hosts earlier this week. In addition to The Kelly Clarkson Show, McGraw also appeared on Late Night with Stephen Colbert earlier.

He showed up in fairly fancy McGraw gear: A black cowboy hat, gray slacks, a black sweater, and dress shoes. For a moment, it was almost startling to see him in modern-day clothes instead of the typical “1883” gear we’re all used to. Not to mention the fact that he shaved his bushy beard from filming.

Colbert even commented on McGraw’s impeccable style, saying, “Now thanks for wearing the cowboy hat. Really appreciate it, you never know when we might have to give our horse a drink.”

The “1883” star laughed before replying, “I’ve been in a cowboy hat and chaps and wool for the last six months. It was hot.”

McGraw added, “When we signed up for this, I told Faith [Hill], ‘Look, we’re either gonna be on fire the whole time or freezing cold.’ I think we had five days that were comfortable. The rest of the time it was 115 degrees or eight degrees, or windy.”

Five days out of six months of filming doesn’t sound too pleasant. We know they spent the first half of filming working in Fort Worth, Texas, during the summertime. The rest of the filming took place in Montana in the wintertime, when temperatures must’ve dropped. Either way, we don’t envy the “1883” cast and crew.