‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Shows Off Authentic-Looking Set in New Behind-the-Scenes Photo

by Jon D. B.

“Hanging out in 1883.” Star of Yellowstone‘s hotly anticipated prequel Tim McGraw just hit fans with our first look at the show’s 19th-century wagons.

Raise your hat if you can’t wait for 1883! From casting Sam Elliott and Billy Bob Thornton, to gathering a whole team of historians for accuracy, Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is pulling out all the stops for his period prequel.

Now, fans have their first look at the wagon-train-centric sets for the show. In a sharp behind-the-scenes share to Twitter, series lead Tim McGraw posts a shot of his set chair. It’s a fine chair and all, sure. But the real star of the shot is the background:

“hanging out in 1883” McGraw captions his tweet. There, we see multiple wagon camps set up across a wide-open prairie. From the lanterns, trunks, and wooden chairs, to the wagons converting into tents, it looks like we’re in store for a fantastic period Western with 1883 – one made with the largest budget on television.

We already knew that, sure, but it’s excellent to see confirmation. And if you’re just now catching up with the series-to-be, Tim McGraw is giving life to the lead role of James Dutton. Real-life-wife Faith Hill is in as Margaret Dutton, as well. The two are 19th-century ancestors of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton (Yellowstone proper).

‘1883’ Set for ‘Meticulous’ Historical Accuracy

For 1883, Taylor Sheridan and Executive Producer David Glasser are going further than they ever have to ensure historical accuracy in the prequel. This means for both Dutton settlers in the Westward expansion, as well as the Native American populations of the time.

To do so, Glasser cites that Sheridan has brought together a “team of advisors” in order to nail every detail respectfully. Not just accuracy, but “meticulous” historical accuracy, he says, as every detail will be combed by relevant historical experts.

Moreover, Sheridan is to put the spotlight on the cultures and languages of the Native American tribes present in the time of 1883. The sprawling epic is set to travel from Texas to Montana, and Sheridan’s team is ensuring that every detail will be as close to it was in the 19th century.

“Taylor is shooting this with 30 wagon trains, going across America,” Glasser said in a previous statement. He has no interest in falling back on CGI, either. Neither does the production team, which aims to make 1883 an epic for the ages.”

The Duttons travel with other families, Glassier adds, “and pick up other groups along the way.”

The result will be like a “moving city,” he says. It’s like a moving city. “We’re taking 30 wagon trains across America, and he’s re-creating everything.”

We can’t wait to see what 1883 brings for fans come December 2021.