‘1883’: Tim McGraw Speaks on How He Wanted to ‘Live Up’ to ‘Yellowstone’

by Chris Haney

Recently, Yellowstone and 1883 stars came together for a joint interview to talk about each of the hit Paramount series. 1883‘s iconic country music couple turned on-screen couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, joined Hollywood legend and Yellowstone‘s leading man Kevin Costner for the in-depth interview.

The trio sat down to speak with Deadline about their experiences on their respective shows. McGraw and his wife are huge fans of Yellowstone and of what creator Taylor Sheridan brings to the table with all of his projects. In fact, Sheridan’s amazing script convinced the couple to accept their roles on the Yellowstone spinoff.

“When you get a script like that that’s so well written, so brilliantly written with the history it had with Yellowstone, to start with we were huge fans. So when you see something like that, and it’s written so well, and then we get to do it together, I mean it was just one of those things where it sorta fell in our lap that we couldn’t turn down. Just really wanted to do it, wanted to be a part of it,” Tim McGraw shared during the Deadline interview.

Yet once they took on the roles, they wanted to make sure they carried on the high standards of Yellowstone. McGraw didn’t want to let anyone down and wanted to make everyone involved with Yellowstone proud of the show’s spinoff.

“And we didn’t want to let the cast down of Yellowstone,” the 1883 actor said, gesturing towards Kevin Costner. “We wanted to live up to what they had done and what they had brought to the table and the bar they had set. So when we set out on this journey, I don’t know about Faith, but for me, we certainly wanted to do the best job that we could. And we wanted to pour ourselves into it heart and soul. But we also wanted the cast of Yellowstone to see it and not be let down by it.”

Tim McGraw Reveals Faith Hill’s ‘Main Concern’ Before Accepting ‘1883’ Role

A couple weeks ago, 1883 stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill gave another interview talking about the Yellowstone spinoff. The legendary country musicians opened up about their concerns before accepting their roles in the show. For McGraw, he wanted to be more than just “a singing cowboy” on the series.

After receiving a call from Taylor Sheridan about joining the cast, his interest had peaked. But it had to be something special, and Sheridan came through with the perfect idea.

“If he came up with something that was interesting, I’d be glad to do it. He said, ‘Give me a couple of weeks,'” McGraw explained to The Hollywood Reporter. “And he came up with a whole flashback idea. ‘You’re going to be the original Dutton who founded the Yellowstone Ranch. And we’re going to flash back to the 1890s.’ He called me back a week later and said, ‘Do you think Faith would be interested in playing your wife?'”

“I said, ‘What? Do I get to shoot someone?'” Faith Hill chimed in.

Hill’s biggest concern revolved around whether or not she’d end up in a shootout or not on the show. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing, we’re still not sure.

“That was her main concern: ‘Do I get to get to be in a shootout?'” McGraw added.

If you watched 1883, you know that Hill got to shoot her fair share of guns in the series. Now if she actually enjoyed filming those scenes or not is a different story. We’ll get back to you if we find out.