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‘1883’: Tom Hanks Appearing Alongside Tim McGraw in Battle of Antietam Flashback

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for People's Choice Awards)

Big news, “1883” fans. The “Yellowstone” spin-off series will feature a guest appearance from an A-List actor who we all know and love.

WARNING! Slight spoilers ahead for the first two episodes of “1883,” which premieres this Sunday, Dec. 19, on Paramount Plus.

Deadline first reported the news earlier today. The big guest appearance comes from none other than Hollywood legend Tom Hanks himself. Per the outlet, Hanks makes his cameo in a flashback sequence during Episode 2 of “1883.”

Viewers will reportedly see a photograph from the bloody Battle of Antietam that took place on September 17, 1862. The photograph will segue into a scene with James Dutton, played by Tim McGraw, who’s fighting for the Confederacy. James picks himself up off the ground and looks at the carnage around him. Suddenly, someone places a gloved hand on James’ shoulder.

It’s Tom Hanks, playing the part of a sympathetic general. Deadline reports that Hanks’ currently unnamed “1883” character is inspired by real-life General George Meade. Maybe he and James Dutton will have a conversation in the scene, or maybe it cuts off there. We’d love to see some interaction between McGraw and Hanks, but we’ll have to wait until Sunday’s premiere to find out what happens next.

“1883” and “Yellowstone,” creator Taylor Sheridan told Deadline that several superstars would make cameo appearances throughout the show’s first season. Hanks will be one of many, though we wish he had a more permanent role. Per the outlet, Hanks shot all of his scene(s) in one day in late September, right outside Weatherford, Texas.

Aside from Hanks and McGraw, the spin-off series will also star Sam Elliott, Faith Hill, Billy Bob Thornton, Isabel May, and LaMonica Garrett.

Prepare for More Civil War Flashbacks in ‘1883’

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of the Civil War playing a huge role in the upcoming “Yellowstone” spin-off series “1883.” But this is our first time hearing James Dutton’s role in it.

If he was a Confederate soldier or officer, then it makes sense why he might decide to up and move his family out west. He wants to provide a new opportunity for them, one they can only find far away from memories of the war.

We also know that Sam Elliott’s character, Shea Brennan will likely have a lot of Civil War flashbacks. Elliott told Entertainment Weekly that Brennan experiences a “huge loss” at the beginning of the show that really defines his character.

“It haunts him throughout, along with the responsibility of moving these emigrants north,” Elliott told the outlet. Could it be a family member or close friend from his regiment? We’ll have to wait until this coming Sunday, Dec. 19, to find out.