‘1883’: What LaMonica Garrett Loves Seeing on ‘Full Display’ in Episode 9

by Leanne Stahulak

This week’s episode of “1883” turned the tables on the Duttons and immigrants in the wagon train as death visited them.

WARNING! Spoilers ahead for “1883” Episode 9, “Racing Clouds.”

Several people died after a misunderstanding caused a Comanche tribe to come after the pioneers. A group of horrible thieves murdered Comanche women and children, to bait the Comanche men into coming after them. But when the wagon train passed through the slaughter, they left tracks that made it look like the immigrants had done it.

So, the Comanche warriors rode for the immigrants and slaughtered them. Only a few survived, including Elsa Dutton. But it’s unlikely that she’ll last long on “1883.”

Meanwhile, Thomas, Shea, and James Dutton rode after the thieves and killed them all. They gave the thieves a chance to explain things, but they had no good things to say about the poor women and children they killed. The trio quickly dispatched them.

Thomas tells the last man, “You ain’t do deputy, you ain’t no judge. You ain’t no f*cking jury. Those folks weren’t no thieves. You the thieves. And you gon’ die for it.”

LaMonica Garrett, who plays Thomas in “1883,” spoke about why his character’s role stuck out to him this week. Garrett posted a photo of Thomas on his Instagram page, gun in hand.

“One thing that jumped out to me about Thomas while reading the #1883TV scripts, was his Moral Compass and Integrity. That was on full display in this last episode,” Garrett wrote in his caption. “Welp, it’s finale week, I hope you’re ready.”

Unfortunately, none of us are ready to see what happens next. We know that the Duttons are trying to take Elsa to her final resting place, so she won’t die in a grimy hospital. Essentially, wherever she takes her last breath, that’s where the Duttons are going to plant their roots. Sounds like we could see Montana in next week’s finale.

‘1883’ Star LaMonica Garrett Opens Up About Perfecting Thomas’s Voice

Earlier this week, “1883” star LaMonica Garrett sat down with Decider to talk about his character, Thomas. At one point, he opened up about why he chose to use this specific voice for Thomas that we hear on the show.

“People ask me where I get Thomas’ sound from, his speech and his dialect,” Garrett explained. “I took inspiration from Floyd Frank who passed in 2020. He was from Southeast Texas, and he was a legend down there in the Beaumont area. I’m just so honored to be in the same category as great actors like him who have played black cowboys, both past and present-day, on screen.”

From the looks of it, Garrett’s well on his way to becoming a legend himself.