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‘1883’: When Does Episode 4 Come Out on Paramount Plus?

by Leanne Stahulak
Pictured: Isabel May as Elsa, James Landry Hébert as Wade, and Eric Nelsen as Ennis of the Paramount+ original series 1883. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Good news, “1883” fans. The popular “Yellowstone” prequel series returns with Episode 4 tomorrow, Sunday, Jan. 9. Most fans will want to watch it Sunday morning. Episodes drop at 12 a.m. PST (3 a.m. EST.). So unless you’re on the West Coast, that’s reallllly late-night TV.

But we’re looking forward to seeing what happens next for our favorite characters. Fans were disappointed that no new episode aired last week, on Jan. 2. The delay was likely due to Paramount focusing on the “Yellowstone” season finale.

“1883” fans can rest easy now, though. The show’s official Instagram account posted a recap of Episode 3 earlier today, promising the new episode WILL drop tomorrow. “It’s not too late to catch up on #1883TV before an all-new episode drops tomorrow on @paramountplus,” the show captioned their post. Check out the recap below to gear up for tomorrow’s episode.

Where Did We Leave Off in ‘1883?’

Quite a lot happened in the last episode of the hit “Yellowstone” prequel show. Before the New Year, we watched several conflicts play out with Sam Elliott’s character Shea Brennan as well as Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Dutton family.

Brennan is currently struggling to control the pioneers on the wagon train. He doesn’t want to be directly responsible for policing them, because his style of justice is more shoot first and ask questions later. So he tasked the group with finding someone to keep them in line (likely Josef, who speaks both English and German). Brennan and Thomas (LaMonica Garrett) worry that the people they punished will come after them with more men.

Thomas and Brennan also befriend a gypsy woman named Noemi. Based on their interaction, it looks like she’ll have a bigger role to play later on.

On the Dutton side of things, McGraw’s character James butt heads with Brennan after the two disagreed on the direction to go. They have to cross a huge river, but they can’t agree on which direction to go to make the best crossing.

James also gives one of the cowboys, Ennis, permission to court his daughter Elsa. Elsa’s been working with the cowboys to keep the cattle herded, and she’s struck up a friendship with Ennis. We’ll see if he plays by James’ rules when it comes to courting Elsa, though.

We also got to see a little more mother and daughter bonding between Elsa and Hill’s character Margaret. Elsa’s mom joined her in herding cattle during the episode, showing Elsa that her mom liked a rough and tumble life too. Maybe we’ll finally see them connect more in coming episodes as they traverse this dangerous landscape together.