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‘1883’: When Will Show Be Back for Episode 6?

by Amy Myers
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

As 1883 fans catch up on the latest events from Episode 5, they might be upset to learn that the next episode won’t be available until January 30, two weeks from today. This isn’t the first time the series has skipped a week during the season, but hopefully, it will be the last. However, at least this time, we have a bit of a heads up before patiently waiting in front of the screen for the episode to appear on Paramount Plus.

We also finally have an explanation as to why the show doesn’t have a regular schedule like its parent series, Yellowstone. According to Matt & Jess TV Commentary, the reasoning has to do with the production schedule of the show. In fact, 1883 has still been in production for the past few months. Apparently, filming for the series began a few months later than expected, but this was when production could get the whole team together. At the same time, though, the producers recognized that they needed to air the first few episodes of 1883 while also releasing the final episodes of the latest season Yellowstone.

So, in order to keep their intended start date on screens, the 1883 production team decided to move forward with releasing the first few episodes, even though later ones were still in the final stages of production. That’s why we missed one episode earlier this month and why we won’t see a new episode next week. During these breaks, the 1883 team is working to put the final magical touches on the stories. And, as we’ve seen, the result is definitely worth the wait.

Fans Were Not Happy When ‘1883’ Episode 4 Didn’t Air on Schedule

On January 2, 1883 should have released Episode 4, “The Crossing,” on Paramount Plus, but instead, the show aired a behind-the-scenes feature called “The Road West.”

It’s not that the special footage wasn’t interesting. In actuality, it was a great addition to the story. But 1883 nor Paramount gave any indication that the feature would be replacing the expected episode. In response, fans took their frustrations to Instagram. When the show posted a sneak preview of “The Road West,” 1883 watchers weren’t afraid to express their disappointment.

“Why are y’all making us wait until tonight for episode 4? It should’ve already been up,” one fan wrote.

“would be great if it was announced that episode 4 wasnt airing this week,” another said.

A third even considered walking away from the series altogether.

“Complete bummer on episode 4, purchasing paramount + and episode 4 not being there. I feel like I was deceived just to purchase P+. Tempted to quit pursuing 1883. #thievery,” the fan wrote.