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‘1883’: Why LaMonica Garret’s Thomas Calls Sam Elliott’s Character ‘Captain’

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

LaMonica Garrett beautifully portrays Thomas on “1883,” and he recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his character’s role on the show. Thomas is a former slave from Mississippi, who joined the army and served with Sam Elliott’s character Shea Brennan. The two became Pinkerton agents together, and are generally inseparable.

In conversation with EW, Garrett spoke specifically about Thomas’ role in the Civil War. He also explained why he still calls Shea captain. When asked if Thomas served in the Civil War under Shea Brennan, Garrett replied, “Yeah, as a buffalo soldier. The buffalo soldiers were an all-Black regiment, the 9th and 10th [cavalries], but they had white officers who were leading the charge, and Sam was the captain.”

According to History, there were approximately 180,000 African American soldiers in the Union Army. The Buffalo Soldiers also fought in the American-Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War, helped hunt down Pancho Villa in 1916-17, and acted as rangers in Sequoia and Yosemite national parks.

Garrett continued to share Thomas and Shea’s history, stating, “That’s why Thomas calls him captain. They kind of navigated through life together and found themselves as Pinkerton agents. Their bond just became closer over time.”

Thomas and Shea would have matching best friend heart necklaces if they existed in 1883. They share an unbreakable bond forged from their time together in the Civil War. It’s nice to see some genuine male friendships portrayed on television, where the characters can be real and vulnerable with each other. Thomas and Shea are the breakout stars of “1883”; it definitely has a lot to do with Sam Elliott’s and LaMonica Garrett’s incredible acting skills.

Thomas’ Greatest Lines from ‘1883’

LaMonica Garrett’s character Thomas has quickly become a favorite among “1883” fans. He’s written and portrayed wonderfully, and shines a light on African American cowboys and soldiers in a way we haven’t really seen before. Thomas has some of the best lines on the show as well, imbued with humanity and wisdom. But he doesn’t get as much screen time as he rightfully deserves. I’d watch a whole series just about Thomas and Shea’s friendship, to be honest.

But, Garrett says we’re going to see a lot more of Thomas in the upcoming “1883” episode. He tweeted a photo from the episode recently, with the caption, “Gonna see a lot more of Thomas this Sunday, episode 6 of [1883].” He concluded, “Thomas and Shea,” with two fist-bumping emojis.

So, hopefully, that definitely means more Thomas and Shea screen time. Their dynamic is a fan favorite, and Sam Elliott and LaMonica Garrett are amazing. Make sure you tune in to “1883” to catch our favorite best cowboy friends. Episode 6 airs tonight, Sunday January 30, on Paramount+.